Easy lines on Labour Day for kids and Students

lines on Labour Day for kids and Students

Different countries observe Labour Day on different dates but the essence of this day is same across all the nations. Let us make the children more aware about Labour Day with motivational slogans on Labour Day and inspirational lines for Labour Day that make it a wonderful share on this special occasion.

In this post, we have come up with easy lines on Labour Day for kids and students. Share these lines with the children to make them aware of this day and its purpose.

Few lines on Labour Day for Kids and Students

“The purpose of Labor Day is to appreciate, honour, recognize and celebrate the contribution made by workers.”

“Labour Day emphasizes on the contribution made by labourers in building a nation.”

“Labour Day also highlights the difficult and hazardous conditions under which labourers work.”

“Many countries celebrate Labour Day as International Worker’s Day on May 1st but there are many others which observe it on first Monday in September.”

“Labour Day is also celebrated to give tribute to all the leaders of the labours who struggled for the labour rights.”

“There are many shows, processions and other activities organized to show the unity and strength of labour.”

“Senior labour leaders also deliver speeches to promote the unity in labours.”

“Many organizations also felicitate their labourers for the wonderful work done by them.”

“With passage of time, government has also started giving labours their due benefits.”

“There are various welfare works carried out by government for betterment of labourers.”

“Now labourers have been given the facility of schooling for their children, housing, medical along with holidays and paid leaves.”

“Labourers are now also entitled for financial and pension services along wit insurance for a secure future.”

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“Many countries now have separate department for labourers by the name of Ministry of Labours which takes into consideration all kinds of labour issues and grievances.”

“Labour forms an integral part in the growth and development of a country.”

“Labour Day reminds us all that we must protect them and provide them with services of which they have been deprived of.”

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