Short International Family Day Messages | World Family Day Wishes

Short International Family Day Messages, World Family Day Wishes

In 1994, United Nations announced May 15th as the International Day of Families. Since 1995, every year various events are organized on global family day highlighting the importance of families, societies, cultures and people for a better world. The idea was to protect all these important things from the negative influence of the economic changes. Sharing family messages dipped in love for your dear ones are a good way to make this day special!!!!

Send your dear ones Happy World Family Day wishes as greetings on Facebook and Whatsapp. We have a collection of cute Family day msgs loaded with love and affection for your loved ones. Celebrate this International Family Day 2018 with best of warm wishes.

International Family Day Messages and wishes

1. Family is the strongest pillar in ones life….. Always cherish and nurture this pillar with love and care…. Sending lots of wishes and love to your family members on the occasion of International Family Day!!!!

2. You can grow with happiness and joy…. Laugh your heart out and live every moment of your life with enthusiasm if you have a happy family….. May you and your family are always blessed with happiness and prosperity… A very Happy International Family to you all.

3. You have smiles all around when you have your family standing by your side through thick and thin… Cheers to you and your family members on the occasion of International Family Day!!!

4. Family is like your first school and your family members are your first teachers….. Make sure you learn the most from your loved ones and life a happier life…. Warm wishes on the occasion of International Family Day to you and your family.

5. Stars are brighter and days are happier when you have your family members with you….. Spend each and every moment with your loved ones and make it a happier life…. Wishing you and your family a very Happy International Family Day.

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Short World Family Day Messages in Hindi

6. Parivar hai toh khushiyan hai…… Parivar hai toh sahas hai……. Parivar hai toh Jeevan hai….. Khushnaseeb hain who sab jinko mila hai hasta khelta parivar aur sabhi ka pyaar….. Happy International Family Day to you!!!

7. Har din hai khaas, har lamkha hai pyara jab aapke saath mein hai aapka parivar….. Ishwar kare aap aur aapke parivar jan hamesha haste, khelte aur muskurate rahein….. Best wishes on International Family Day.

8. Aao saath milkar manayein ek din jo hai parivar ke naam….. Aao saath mein khushiyon ke pal bitayein kyunki aaj hai Antar-rashtriya Parivar Diwas….. Is din ki aapko dher saari shubh kamnayein….. Rahein aap sada muskurate aur khilkhilate.

9. Dukh nahin tikta waha, sankat door jaate hain bhaag waha, jahan parivar hota hai saath saath…. Aap sabka saath hamesha rake barkarar…… Khushiyon ki hoti rahe bauchar……. Aur baraste rahe pyaar hi pyaar….. Happy International Family Day.

10. Jisko milta hai uske parivar ka pyar aur ashirvaad, koi kasht, koi musibat nahi tikti uske dwar….. Saath saath rehne mein, hasne mein aur hasne mein jo maza hai, wo maza hi Jeevan ka sarvashesht ras hai….. Warm wishes on International Family Day.

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