Happy Seward’s Day Messages, Quotes and Greetings

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The last Monday in the month of March is celebrated as Seward’s Day every year in Alaska, USA. This day celebrates the purchase of Alaska by US from Russia in the year 1867. Celebrate this day with Seward’s Day greetings and wishes to share with everyone. This day is a public holiday and Alaska and calls for sharing Seward’s Day quotes and sayings with family and friends.

We bring to you a collection of Happy Seward’s Day messages, Holiday Greetings and wishes to share with all. Have these Seward’s Day status messages posted on Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp to wish everyone around.

Seward’s Day Messages, Seward Holiday Greetings and Quotes

Today is not the day to sit at home but the day to step out of the house and explore Alaska. Warm wishes on the occasion of Seward’s Day to everyone.

Let us celebrate Seward’s Day with everyone around us by learning something new about Alaska. Wishing everyone on the occasion of Seward’s Day.

When you think of heaven of earth then Alaska is the place that comes to your mind. Let us celebrate the beauty of Alaska on Seward’s Day.

Wishing everyone on Seward’s Day. You cannot buy tickets to heaven but you can always but tickets to Alaska to experience heaven on earth.

Warm greetings on Seward’s Day to everyone. Though money cannot buy you happiness but Alaska is one place that can certainly make you happy.

If you wish to experience the best of the sceneries around you then Alaska is where you must visit. Wishing a very Happy Seward’s Day to all.

There is so much beauty to explore in Alaska that all you need is the time and the intention to do so. Warm wishes on Seward’s Day to everyone.

Happy Seward’s Day to all. Let us celebrate the uniqueness of Alaska with all our dear ones to make this day a memorable one.

Warm wishes on Seward’s Day. This day will always remind us of the unexplored goodness of Alaska that we need to explore and enjoy.

The occasion of Seward’s Day reminds all of us that today is the day to go out and explore the beauty of Alaska with our loved ones. Warm wishes on this day to all.

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