Retirement Messages for Dad

Dad Retirement Messages

Your father may have been busy in his work, but when your father takes retirement, it is the moment of celebration, because your dad finally has got time for the family. Write a beautiful retirement message to your dad and let him know how much you are happy. The words of the message give him the suggestion for spending the retirement life as well as give best wishes for the retirement. It expresses your feeling of love to your dad. Here we present you a beautiful collection of retirement message samples for dad.

Funny Retirement Messages for Dad

Write a funny retirement message for your dad to wish him a happy retirement. You can add your personal touch in the message to make it a beautiful note. The message greets your father with full of fun and joy.

“I know how you were happy when the weekend came, but now I can wish you a very happy weekend for the rest of your life. Now it is time for no work and no tension; only fun and fulfillment of dreams. Shake your body and match the beat of the life. Happy retirement dad.”

Retirement Messages for Father in Law

Wish your father in law a very happy retired for the rest of the life and send him the best wishes. Your message expresses your emotion and it wishes for the fun filled life. The words of the message come out of your heart and make the moment special for your father in law.

“The time has come to say goodbye hard work, dedication, pressure and workload and welcome relax, fun and joy in your life. It is your retirement and I wish you a happy retired life ahead. ”

Retirement Holiday Messages for Dad

Retirement comes with the holidays, so wish your dad a happy retirement holiday for the rest of his life. The message brings out your emotion of love and it wishes your father to enjoy the life. A text message makes the moment loving to your father.

“Retirement says you stop working and start enjoying; now every day is a holiday for you, so make a schedule in your way and include lots fun in your life. Your professional life is over, enjoy your personal life with us. Happy retirement life.”

Miscellaneous samples of retirement message for dad samples:

“Live a carefree life, where no boss will make you scared, no wake up at early morning, no more saying yes boss. It is your life and now you are the boss. I wish you a happy retirement life.”

“You have a great professional life and you have achieved what you want, but now achieve joy and happiness in your life, retirement has come. Life is beautiful, so enjoy your life with full of fun.”

“Those hectic schedules have gone, celebrate your today with a big smile on your face. What you wanted to do, do it now, because life opens up the door for you. Going for outing, start dreaming and making your dream come true.”

“Wish you a happy retired life, love your life now, leave your all worry behind and spend your time with your loved one. I welcome you home permanently.”

“Dear dad, I have always been missing you for your work, but finally the time has come to make my dad free. Happy retirement life. I want to spend lots of fun times with you.”

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