Funny Retirement Messages for Dad

Funny Retirement Dad Messages

You may be happy getting the news of your dad’s retirement as you can have much time to spend with your dad and make some beautiful memories. Wish congratulation on your dad’s retirement with a sweet and loving message and bring out your feelings to your dad. What you are longing for so many years, now the time has to come to fulfill your desire. Add your personal thoughts to make our message beautiful.

Here a sweet collection of funny retirement message samples for dad is presented below:

1). Nothing can stop you spending time with me; your excuses of having lots of work take a permanent leave now and it no more bothers you again. I am going to do all things that I always want to do with you. Happy retirement.

2). Your past makes you proud and your present gives you fun, your future has lots of plans and I am there with you feel the joy. It is the retirement life, so enjoy as much as you can, but with me. Tension free retirement life.

3). You were not there to hold my hand when I fall, you were not there to praise me in my success. Your work always comes in between, but dad, it is the time to bid farewell from work and make your all promise true with us.

4). I hate your work always, it takes you away from us; I have spent my life only missing you, but now I want to draw a conclusion of this habit. It is your retirement that I always want for. Be with me always dad.

5). Tear your all timetable and make new ones; everything will be there, but except for work. Fun and joy get the priority and fear and scare make no place there. Enjoy your retirement the way you want.

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