Happy Propose Day Status Messages for Whatsapp / Facebook

Propose Day Whatsapp Status Messages - Facebook Messages

In the week of love, February 8th is observed as Propose Day. This day gives you an opportunity to propose to your prospective beloved by giving him or her with a rose or just sending them a message expressing your feelings in words. Send beautiful love proposal messages for girlfriend, boyfriend, lover, wife, husband to propose to them with love. Share the unique Propose Day status or 1st year proposal anniversary status to make it a wonderful day. Wish your loved ones with Happy Propose Day messages and Propose Day status messages full of love and lots of feelings of your heart.

Here is the collection of Happy Propose Day status messages for WhatsApp, Facebook.  Share these Propose Day status with your loved ones to express your feelings.

Happy Propose Day Status for Whatsapp

“It is impossible for me to imagine my life without you because you are in each and every moment of my life. I wish to spend the rest of my life with you my dear.”

“Throughout the day and night, you are in my mind. On Propose Day, I invite you come and live in my heart forever.”

“Warm wishes on Propose Day to you my love. Since the day I have met you, I have only dreamt of spending this life with you.”

“Without you, everything in my life is going to fall apart. Come into my life and complete everything for me my dear. Happy Propose Day to you.”

Happy Propose Day Messages for Whatsapp

“You are the one who makes me happy always. There are just two times when I want you with me… today and tomorrow… Happy Propose Day to you.”

“I cannot forget the happiness you brought to me when you held my hands. I want the same happiness and warmth to stay with me all my life. Warm wishes on Propose Day.”

“On the occasion of Propose Day, I just want to ask you that will you be mine forever? Will you grow old with me to make this life worthy for me?”

“I can conquer this world, only and only if you promise me to always hold my hand and always be there by my side.”

Propose Day Status Messages for Whatsapp and Facebook

“Happy Propose Day to you. Please come into my life to make it a beautiful one with your presence.”

“You will live in my heart forever but now I want that you live in my house as well. Happy Propose Day.”

“Love is the only thing I can promise to you. Warm wishes on Propose Day to you my dear.”

“My only wish is to talk to you, to tell you what I feel, to express my love to you. Happy Propose Day.”

Propose Day Anniversary Status

“Warm wishes on Propose Day to you my love. It is on this day that I confessed you my love and everything changed.”

“When I look back on this day, I see that the most beautiful thing happened to me. Happy Propose Day my dear.”

“On the occasion of Propose Day, I want to thank you for accepting this proposal and making my life so beautiful.”

“It was a yes that you said on this year that brought me all the happiness in this world. Happy Propose Day to you my love.”

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