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Hug day is celebrated to glory the hug which is a sign of comforting and love expressed to loved ones. Hug day is celebrated on 21st January 2019. A hug is one of the most comforting and has incomparable power to heal or comfort a troubled mind. Hug has powerful healing powers and is also an expression of love and similar feelings to another partner. Find beautiful Hug Day Messages, Hug Day wishes, Hug Day SMS, Happy Hug Day Greetings for loved ones here. One can also get Best Hug Day Messages on WhatsApp and Facebook status to send Your Dear Ones! Everyone loves a hug at the end of a tired or a regular day to ease the mind and show the love and care for the person.

National Hug Day Wishes for Lover

1). On this national hug day, I send my love and wishes for a beautiful national hug day. I would snuggle up to you my dear and take you in my arms and hug your worries away.

2). Much love and heartiest wishes on the National Hug Day. Come in my arms and hug me to comfort me out of the troubling thoughts and show me you love me the most.

3). Loveliest wishes on the National Hug Day. When your mind is troubled and you day a worrisome, let me calm it down and fill it up with lots of love with a beautiful hug 2018.

4). Lots of love and hugs on national hug day. I will surely give you a tight bear hug on this beautiful day and show you that I love you to the moon and back.

Romantic Hug Messages for Boyfriend

5). Dear boyfriend let me hug you and wrap you around to show my love for you is eternal and everlasting. I send beautiful love filled gifts and a comforting hug awaits you at home.

6). A hug warms up and charms my dear boyfriend like nothing else. I send my love and wish to keep you in my arms in a comforting hug all day wearing off your worries away.

7). On the hug day, I hugged you tight in my love thoughts dear boyfriend. Come home and a tight bear hug and lots of love awaits your way.

8). Dearest boyfriend, your hug is the only thing I look forward to each day. The way you wrap me around yourself in the morning and after a tired day at night gives me the most comforting and loving feeling in this world.

Cute Hug Day Wishes for Girlfriend

9). For a lovely hug for my special girlfriend all I need is to open up my arms and my heart. Dearies, I am waiting with my heart filled with love and arms wide open to wrap you in my embrace.

10). My sweetest girlfriend, hug is what I seek from you as it gives me the solace in the world to be in your embrace. I send you beautiful gifts and look forward to your hug at the end of the day.

11). To my dearest girlfriend, the sweetest part of the day is when I take you in my embrace each day into a comforting hug. Your hug at the end of the day is what calms my troubled mind at the end of a tiring day.

12). Dear girlfriend, I send you lots of love to you. a beautiful hug and a tight embrace and tight hug messages awaits your way when you reach home today.

Lovely Hug Day Messages for Friends

13). I send world friends hug day messages to my friends and loved ones across the globe. Hug would comfort any situation and show that you care- so go and spread hug symbol.

Sweet Hug Day Wishes for Wife

14). Dear wife, your hug wakes me up, your hug cradles me to sleep.  Your hug is the most loveliest place on this earth to be. Have a happy hug day.

15). Dearest wife, I send love filled hug day wishes for you. I look forward to your hug each day when you take me in your arms as I step into home. I love you a lot.

16). To my lovely wife, beautiful hug day messages for you. a tight hug and a cuddling embrace awaits your day at home in the evening.

17). Hug day wishes for my beautiful wife. You hug sends away the worries and anxiety of the day. I love your hug and wait eagerly for the comfort it gives me. I love you.

Romantic Hug Day Wishes for Husband

18). Dear husband, I feel the best in your arms and your embrace is the best place on earth to be. I send lovely hug day wishes for you with the best of gifts.

19). Hug me tight my husband and keep me in your arms forever. Your embrace is heaven for me and the best place to be. Have a happy hug day!

20). Your hug is the loveliest of gifts God gave me ever my husband. I wish you a happy Hug day and send you love filled gifts your way.

21). I always want to be in your embrace my dear husband. Have a happy hug day. I look forward to your love filled hug each day.

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