Romantic Rose Day Wishes Messages for Boyfriend & Girlfriend

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Valentine’s week starts with Rose Day which falls on 7th February every year. This day is the beginning of the month of romance and love and is of special importance to all the lovers. Expressing their feelings by sending roses to their beloved with romantic messages and lovely quotes on rose day are the highlights of this vibrant day of romance. If you are also looking for some special Rose Day messages and quotes to send to your girlfriend or boyfriend to wish Happy Rose Day 2024 then have a look at our beautiful rose day wishes. Lovers exchange rose day greetings, text messages, wishing each other. They send romantic rose day messages to each other to express love.

Here are the most intimate and expressive Happy Rose Day messages and quotes to send unique wishes to your Lover, girlfriend and boyfriend .

Romantic Rose Day Messages for Boyfriend and Girlfriend

1). Roses are red, violets are blue, Honey is sweet, so is you. Happy Rose day dear.

2). I am sending this beautiful Rose for a sweetheart like you. Happy Rose day love.

3). Just as a Rose does not require any explanation to express its beauty, my love does not require words to express my feelings. Sending you this lovely red rose bunch to express my love for you. Happy Rose day.

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Cute Rose Day Wishes for Friends

4). A single rose will spread its sweet fragrance in the garden. A friend like you will me my life bloom. Happy Rose day dear friend

5). Everyone loves the rose petal but not the sepal. I am sending this beautiful rose to my dearest friend who made my life beautiful. Happy Rose day.

6). I am sending this beautiful rose to my friend with a beautiful heart. You made my life beautiful with your presence. Happy Rose day.

Rose Day Wishes Messages for Lover

7). I heard someone whisper your name but when I turned around to see who it was, I realized that it was my heart calling your name “. Happy Rose Day!

8). The most magical moments are when I forgot myself in your remembrance. Happy Rose Day dear.

9). I have sent these beautiful red roses to express my love for you. But the roses turned green with your beauty.

Rose Day Wishes for Fiancé

10). The best moments in my life is when our friendship turned into love. Happy Rose Day dear.

11). The red roses whisper about the passion I have for you. Hope these beautiful roses conveyed my message. Happy Rose day.

12). I have sent these lovely bunch of red roses to convey”Will you marry me”. Happy red rose day dear.

Romantic Rose Day Wishes for Partner/Couples

13). You are sweeter than a candy, more beautiful than a red rose, cuter than a teddy. Happy Red Rose day to you.

14). Sending these beautiful roses to the most beautiful person. Happy Red rose day.

15). Red for passion, red for love, res roses for you to convey my love. Happy red rose’s day.

Rose Day Wishes for My Love

16). My heart skips a beat, my eyes stop blinking whenever I see you. You are a beautiful creation of God. Happy Rose Day.

17). When you first told me your name, I found it sweeter than a rose. Sending these envious roses for the sweetest girl. Happy Rose day my love.

18). When I asked God for a flower, he gave me a bunch of Roses, when I asked for an angel, he gave me YOU. Happy Rose day my angel.

Happy Rose Day Messages for Husband & Wife
19). On the occasion of Rose Day, may the thorns in your path vanish and fill with rose petals, may grief and sorrow disappear and fill with love and happiness. Happy Rose Day.

20). When I look at you, I see the most beautiful rose who has mesmerized me with its beauty…. Your magical appearance has taken away my heart and made me fall for you for life…. Wishing you a very Happy Rose Day my sweetheart.

21). Roses are the best way to say I Love You because they have the power to connect my heart with yours…. The magic to say things that I still haven’t…. the potential to make you feel special my love… With lots of love and red roses, I wish you a Happy Rose Day.

22). There are different ways to express love and I choose to express it with a bunch of red roses, wrapped in my love for the most beautiful lady who rules my heart…. With warm hugs and lots of love, wish you a vibrant and vivacious Happy Rose Day.

23). There is just one rose in my life and that my love is you who has spread its fragrance in my life and made it a happier and more beautiful one…. With warm hugs and bunch of roses, wish you Happy Rose Day my darling.

24). The reason for my happiness, the reason for my smiles, the reason for the sparkle in my eyes is you my love… Wishing you a beautiful and bright Happy Rose Day…. May you are always smiling and spoiling me with your love.

25). When I look into your eyes, the world stops for me…. My heart beings to beat faster and I feel like I am on cloud no.9…. with you every day is a special day my love…. With lots of love, wish you a Happy Rose Day.

26). Sending warm Rose Day wishes to the most special and beautiful rose I know…. May you are always smiling bright and happy and our love is always blooming… With lots of hugs and kisses, flowers and chocolates, wish you Happy Rose Day beautiful!!!

27). I am so happy that God has gifted me the most beautiful rose in the world which has brightened my life… Thanks for coming into my life and thanks for staying to make it more beautiful…. Wishing you a Happy Rose Day my darling.

28). My love you are as gorgeous as rose…. Because you have spread your love like the most beautiful fragrance in my life…. Wishing you a Happy Rose Day my love… I promise to be there with you, loving you, pampering you and living this life just with you!!!

29). There is no one as pretty as you, no one as loving as you, no one as special as you…. because you are the most attractive rose made by Almighty and I am the most fortunate one to have you in my life…. Happy Rose Day to the love of my life.

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