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japanese new year wishes greetings - new year messages in japanese

Japanese New Year is celebrated every year on January 1st. It is an annual Japanese event which has its own customs. Known as Shogastu, on this event everything is closed from 1st till 3rd January. Celebrate this occasion with your family and friends by sending them Happy Japanese New Year card greetings and New year messages.

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1. I wish that the coming year bring to you bunch of new opportunities, bundles of joys and happiness and loads to love to make it the happiest year of your life… With lots of wishes and hugs, I am sending you best of the wishes for New Year 2019… Have a blast!!!

2. Let us bid adieu to the last year and let us gear up to embrace the new one waiting to bring more smiles, new experiences and beautiful memories for us… May you are blessed with eternal happiness and peace in this coming year…. Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year my dear.

3. I pray to God to shower you with his choicest blessings and brighten your life with new hopes and new success stories in this upcoming year… May you are always wearing the sweet smile on your face…. With lots of love, I wish you a blessed and Happy New Year 2019.

4. May you and your dear ones are always surrounded with happiness and peace, harmony and joy…. May you are blessed with success and all your hard work and dedication pay you in this coming year…. Happy New Year to you my dear…. May God always shower his love on you.

5. I pray that the coming year becomes the best year of your life till date… May new chances, new life, new hopes, new experiences make it the most wonderful time of your life…. Wishing you all the happiness and all the smiles in the world… Happy New Year to you my friend.

6. As we begin the celebrations to welcome the New Year, I thank you for making the last year so special for me and I pray that God always shower you with his love and care, affection and blessings to make it an amazing year for you…. Happy New Year my dear.

7. Happy New Year to the most special person…. I wish that your joys and smiles multiply, your sorrows and sadness reduce to zero and your experiences are full of happiness and adventures… Have a blessed year with more positives, more zeal and more entertainment.

8. Every year is a new hope, a new challenge, a new beginning…. And it depends just on our efforts and attitude that how beautiful we can make these 365 days which we haven’t explored, we haven’t lived…. May you live these days to the fullest with happiness…. Happy New Year my dear.

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New Year Wishes in Japanese 2019

9. May the advent of New Year brighten your future and bring along lots of opportunities to move ahead in life….Kinga shinnen!!!

10. On the occasion of Shogastu, I pray for your good health and eternal happiness….. Akemashite o-medetō-gozaimasu.

Japanese New Year Wishes Greetings

11. May this Shogastu bring along a year blessed with joy and merriment, cheer and smiles for you and your loved ones…. Happy Japanese New Year to you.

12. I wish that each and every day of Japanese New Year has something new to offer you…. Wishing you the best of surprises and a very blessed year…. Kings Shinnen to you!!!

Japanese New year Wishes Quotes

13. May this Shogastu be full of new opportunities, new dreams and new vibes for you….. Wishing a very Happy Japanese New Year.

14. Let there be surprises, let there be happiness, let there be love of your loved ones….. Wishing you a Shogastu blessed with goodness.

Japanese Happy New Year Card Messages

15. Akemashite o-medetō-gozaimasu to you….. Wishing you a New Year blessed with a wonderful time with your family and friends.

16. Kinga Shinnen to you…. May the coming year be the brightest year for you…. Wishing you lots of smiles and a year blessed with success.

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