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Town Criers Day Messages Quotes

The second Monday in the month of July is observed as the International Town Criers Day worldwide but finds its roots in the United Kingdom. We have entered the digital age and it is all our devices and news channels that keep us updates with the news and happenings of the world. But it was not always this way. Back in the time, town criers came to the villages and towns to keep the people updated with all the news and incidents.

The International Town Criers Day is a way to celebrate the spirit of the town criers and their services for the people. Share these International Town Criers Day wishes, quotes and messages to add some joy and merry vibes to this special day!

Town Criers Day Messages and Quotes

We owe it to bellmen for their service of coming to the villages and reading out news to the villagers. It would not have been the same without them. Happy International Town Criers Day.

The Town Criers made it possible for the people of the ancient times to cope up with the new generations and the upcoming trends. Happy International Town Criers Day.

Here is your reminder to never miss out on things, be it good or bad, in your life because of the experiences they will leave behind. Happy International Town Criers Day.

Let us remember the bellmen or the news providers of the old and ancient times. Wishing everyone a grateful Town Criers Day.

Let us come forward to celebrate the reliability and generosity of the news that the town criers brought to the people in their times. Happy Town Criers Day.

Town criers had become an essential part of the human life back in the times when digital media did not exist. Let’s acknowledge that and celebrate the International Day of Town Criers!

For the beating of drums at the time of arrival of the bellmen, an ode to the good work they have done for the society. Happy International Day of Town Criers.

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