13 August – International Left Handers Day Greeting Messages

13 August International Left-Handers Day Greeting Messages, Quotes, Wishes

We live in a world dominated by right handers and that’s the reason we celebrate 13th August as International Left Hander’s Day. It was first celebrated in the year 1976 and the intention was to create more awareness amongst the masses about the inconvenience left handers face on daily basis. This day aims at bringing focus on the challenges faced by left hander kids.

Celebrate 13th August 2024 by sharing International Left Handers Day quotes. With the amazing Happy International Left Handers Day messages, greetings, wishes and status to share on WhatsApp, Facebook, you can create more awareness.

International Left-Handers Day Greeting Messages

1. Take pride in calling yourself a lefthander because you can do things with your left hand which even a dexterous right hander cannot imagine to do….. Warm wishes on International Left Hander’s Day to you.

2. As fortunate right handers, we must understand the problems faced by left handers and do things which can make daily routines easier for them…. With that note, I wish you a very Happy International Left Hander’s Day.

3. You have no control whether you are born as a right hander or left hander but you do have complete control over your actions….. Remember the hand doesn’t matter, what matters is the heart…. Happy International Left Hander’s Day.

4. We celebrate International Left Hander’s Day as a reminder that we do have lots of left handers around us who are struggling by accommodating with the comforts designed just for the right handers…. Let us change this!!!! A Happy International Left Hander’s Day.

5. We all are biased because if we can biases against people who are left handers then we are always going to be judgmental…. Let us come about of our thought processes and celebrate International Left Hander’s Day.

6. We are lucky that we are right handers because otherwise we would have had some other group of right handers standing against us when we struggle to fit in their world…. Best wishes on International Left Hander’s Day.

7. It is no crime to be born as a left hander because a person’s skill cannot be judged by what hand he uses but is it judged purely by his talent which doesn’t depend on his hand….. Wishing you a warm International Left Hander’s Day.

International left-Handers Day Quotes, Sayings 2024

8. There is either right or wrong but if you are left hander, it doesn’t make you wrong at all.

9. Things done with a right hand may not always be right…. So respect left handers.

10. International Left Hander’s Day aims at making us aware that we have left handers in our world and we must accept them and honour them.

11. The only thing which makes us different from left handers is our hand…. Happy International Left Hander’s Day.

Happy Left Handers Day Wishes

12. You are different and that is what makes you so special…. Warm wishes on Left Handers Day.

13. It is not easy to be a left hander in the world full of right handers because it is an everyday struggle…. Happy Left Handers Day to you.

14. To the most creative, smart and intelligent left handers, wishing you a very Happy Left Handers Day full of celebrations.

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