International Beer Day Messages and Quotes with Images – 2 August

International Beer Day Messages, Beer Quotes Images

First Friday in August is celebrated as International Beer Day. This year, it will be celebrated on 4th August. Gear up to share Beer Day messages and wishes with your friends, family, colleagues and loved ones to encourage them to come and join you for the best of celebrations. Creatively designed International Beer Day images and inspiring beer quotes also make a worthy share.

Here are some of the latest International Beer Day messages to share. With these funny beer messages for Facebook, WhatsApp and unique, clever captions for Instagram, you can win all the attention on social media with International Beer Day wishes.

International Beer Day Messages, Wishes

“I would prefer having beer and have a beer belly than not have beer and have no beer belly…. Wishing you a very Happy International Beer Day.”

“The mantra for a happy and content life lies in the mug of a beer and to find that keep drinking beer…. Warm wishes on International Beer Day.”

“I may not be there when you are sad or happy but I promise to be there always when there is beer…. Have a Happy International Beer Day.”

“Wishing you a blessed International Beer Day full of lots of beers, from different countries, in different flavours to make it a superb day.”

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International Beer Day Quotes

“Someone has to make it a worthy International Beer Day by having beer from every country as the occasion calls for it.”

If you really love beer then you simply drink it without counting its calories or worrying about your belly.”

“It is good to have International Beer Day but we seriously don’t need a reason to enjoy beer because we need it every day to have a good day.”

“There is no bad beer….. There are just some beers better than others….. Have a wonderful International Beer Day.”

Beer Quotes Messages for Friends

“The best thing about International Beer Day is that you don’t have to limit yourself from having beer because that is the way to celebrate this day.”

“If you want to live happy then it is very important to have beer because it brings instant happiness in this fast world.”

“World would have been such a sad and dull place to live in had there been no beer to drink…. Without beer, there is no life.”

“Today we are friends because we both love beer and we both love drinking it together…. Let us thank beer for bringing us closer.”

Funny Beer Quotes for Facebook and Whatsapp

“There are just two occasions when I love to drink beer- When I am happy and when I am sad.”

“Milk is only for the babies and when you grow up, there is just beer for you and there is just International Beer Day for you to celebrate.”

“I am very conservative in my attitude towards life…. One day, I want to grow up to become an old man with a belly, sitting at home with a mug of beer in hand.”

“That fridge is useless which doesn’t have any beer in it….. It is more like a cupboard in that case.”

Clever beer Captions for Instagram

“We owe the most to the man who invented beer.”

“You can make the best of the friends over beer.”

“We may not meet that often but reconnecting over beer is something great.”

“There is simply nothing bad about beer because it is all goodness.”

“My heart has immense respect for BEER!!!”

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