I Love You Messages for Ex Girlfriend

I Love You Messages for Ex Girlfriend

Send your love you message for ex-girlfriend and express what you want to say to her. Present your untold emotion through words and let her know about your feelings. The message brings out your emotion in a nice way. Your love you message present what your heart says to her. In the life, decisions are taken in an abrupt way and some are really painful, breaking up with your girlfriend is such a decision that hurts you later. Frame your message in a loving way.

Here a beautiful collection of I love you message samples for ex girlfriend is presented below:

1). It is true, we are apart, but some emotions are always there that take me in the past and make me realize how much I love you dear. I wish we could stay along forever, but still I love you.

2). The relationship, we broke, but the memories I cannot leave behind. It is always with me in my loneliness and in the crowd. I just want to say I love you today and always.

3). If God gives me a chance to make my dream true, I still chose you for my life; because you go away, but I love you always. The past was golden for me, but my present misses you so much. Love you.

4). It is not your fault, not even mine; the time didn’t fall into as we planned for our life. So we go away and try to forget each other, but there is still a reason for that my heart wants you. I love you.

5). I miss you since we stay apart; you are the love of my life and you will always be the same. I wish life remains as it was before, but it started fading its color as you are not with me. I love you.

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