Happy Bhogi Festival Greetings Messages, Wishes for Facebook and Whatsapp

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Bhogi is the first festival in the New Year. The sun travels towards north for six months and is known as uttarayanam. This festival is celebrated to say thanks to sun for providing energy to agriculture. The first harvest is also comes during that time. People decorate their homes with flower and mango leaves. They cook food with new crop and invite friends and relatives for a feast meal served in banana leaf. Most part of the country lentils are cooked which is known as pongal. People wear new clothes and fly kites. They have a bon-fire in the morning and gather around it. People exchange happy bhogi messages. Send latest wishes collection, messages and quotes 2018 via Whatsapp and facebook to all the well wishers.

Happy Bhogi Festival Messages and Wishes

1). On the auspicious day of bhogi, may your future be as bright as sun shine, and bring you prosperity in your life.

2). Flame your past in Bhogi and invite the new year with new hopes and aspirations. Happy Bhogi to all.

3). On the blissful occasion of Sankranti, Lohri, Pongal & Bhogi I wish you for prosperity, peace and happiness.

4). Hope you always rise high just like the colorful kites that dot the sky.

5). Just as the flames of bon-fire rise high, may this coming year be bright and bring prosperity in your life.

6). Bhogi is an auspicious day to start anything new. May your fields yield more crop, may your family be prosperous.

7). May thus sun shine bring light and brightness in your lives. Happy Bhogi to you and your family.

8). Celebrate Bhogi this year with your family and friends and share good wishes and feast meal. May this Bhogi bring many more celebrations in your life. Happy Bhogi.

9). Let Bhogi be a beginning of every auspicious occasion in your life. Leave the past behind and move ahead for a great future. Happy Bhogi.

10). May you prosper this year with festive mood every day, and may this year bring lot of wealth, health and prosperity in your family.

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