International Hangover Day Messages and Hangover Quotes – 2 August

International Hangover Day Messages, Hangover Quotes

2nd August is a special day as on this day is celebrated International Hangover Day. Celebrate this fun day with your family and friends by sharing with them unique alcohol hangover quotes and hangover jokes. Drinking is certainly more fun with love hangover quotes and hangover captions for Instagram that celebrate hangover!!!

With the fun International Hangover Day Messages to share, funny hangover status for Facebook and WhatsApp, you can reach out to your dear ones on social media on this amazing day.

International Hangover Day Messages

“Warm wishes on International Hangover Day to you….. I wish you enjoy lots of drinking without any bad hangovers to regret later.”

“Drinking and not getting hangover is the smartest way to party and have beautiful memories…. Wishing you a very Happy Hangover Day.”

“May you have a blast on International Hangover Day with lots of drinking and partying and no hangover to give you a bad start to your fresh day.”

“May you always party like there is no tomorrow and always get up like it is the freshest morning of your life…. Happy Hangover Day.”

“Wishing you lots of partying with your dear ones on Hangover Day…. May you create some special memories partying with no headaches and hangover!!!”

Funny Hangover Status

“The most perfect way to measure the thrill in your party is with your hangover next morning…. Happy Hangover Day!!!”

“The funniest thing about hangover is that every time you have it, you promise that you will not get drunk again…. Warm wishes on Hangover Day.”

“Wishing you a very Happy Hangover Day….. Cheers to the fact that you become you after you get drunk which is the best thing to happen to anyone.”

“The most unique thing about hangover is that you become brave and honest which doesn’t happen all the time…. Have a memorable Hangover Day.”

Hilarious and Funny Hangover Jokes

“Wishing you a Hangover Day which you remember for your life…. Wishing you the happiest and the craziest party time with your loved ones.”

“It demands lots of drinking to get a good hangover….. Have a fun Hangover Day and a party night to remember for life.”

“The most perfect way to make even a regular day a memorable one is by having a hangover that registers strongly in your memories…. Happy Hangover Day.”

“Warm wishes on Hangover Day, the day which gives you all the reasons to drink hard,  party harder and get some hangover!!!”

Alcohol Hangover Quotes

“Write when you are drunk but don’t forget to edit it when you are sober.”

“Everyone loves to drink and party but no one enjoys the hangover…. It is just like doing your deeds and not enjoying the results.”

“Hangover is something which you wake up and try all your home remedies to get back into your routine.”

“Hangover doesn’t come easy, you really have to drink a lot to wake up with hangover!!!”

Hangover Captions for Instagram

“Drink like there is no tomorrow and wake up with a hangover that makes you commit to not drink again.”

“The intensity of your hangover is the measure of the amount of fun you had partying last night.”

“Drinks make you feel happiest at night but hangovers make you feel the worst in the mornings.”

“Drink responsibly to avoid bad hangovers.”

Funny Alcohol Hangover Quotes

“May you have the best of the parties to enjoy minus the hangovers the next day.”

“There is no better way to end your day than having a party and there is worse way to start your day than with a hangover.”

“Experience at least one hangover in life to know what it actually feels like.”

“If you cannot handle hangover then you are probably getting old.”

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