20 Best Funny Hangover Captions for Instagram

Instagram Hangover Captions - Funny Hangover Captions

Have the most amazing funny cocktail Instagram captions and funny hangover Instagram captions shared with your family and friends to share a good laugh with them. Keep it short, sweet and also funny with the most unique hangover captions for Instagram from the fantastic collection of Instagram captions for drinking with friends.

We bring to you the fun Instagram captions to share on your social media profiles. Select from the newest hangover captions for Instagram to have some fun.

Hangover Captions for Instagram

Life is better with tequila.

Drinking makes you a happy person.

Less to think and more to drink makes it a perfect life.

Happy hours are my favourite hours in the day.

Let’s Cheer to really cheer up.

We drink for a hangover.

A hangover means a good party.

If you want to avoid hangover, keep drinking.

Talking to a drunk person is like talking to a happy person.

Hangover is a reminder that you had a good time.

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Funny Hangover Captions for Instagram

Waking up with a hangover happens to lucky people.

Drink because this is the only life you have.

Hangover takes away all your pain.

Happiness is drinking a lot and not waking up with a hangover.

One drink is never enough.

A party without hangover doesn’t exist.

Life is so much fun with a glass in hand.

Drink like there is no tomorrow.

Always stay hydrated, drink!!!

You are always happy when you are high.

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