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Guru Purnima Whatsapp Status, Guru Purnima Facebook Messages

Share the inspiring Guru Purnima status for WhatsApp and Guru Purnima Facebook messages with your family and friends on social media. The beautiful Guru Purnima WhatsApp status for teacher, mother, father, parents, mom dad, husband and wife etc. Wish everyone with Guru Purnima status messages and Guru Purnima wishes.

Newest collection of Guru Purnima Status Messages, Guru Purnima status for WhatsApp. Share the Guru Purnima Facebook messages and status messages to wish everyone around.

Guru Purnima Status Messages -Whatsapp Status

“To the gurus who have been the guiding lights for their students, wishing them Happy Guru Purnima.”

“There is no darkness when you have your guru by your side. Warm wishes on Guru Purnima.”

“Guru Purnima reminds us that we are blessed to have gurus to enlighten us and our lives.

“When you have your guru to bless you and to guide you, nothing is impossible.”

“Not everyone is fortunate to have a guru and if you have one then wish him on Guru Purnima.”

Guru Purnima Whatsapp Status

“Life is much easier and more successful when you have a guru. Happy Guru Purnima.”

“Guru Purnima gives us a chance to say Thank You to the gurus who are there to help us.”

“A guru is someone who will always stand with you, in good and in bad. Happy Guru Purnima.”

“Warm wishes on Guru Purnima to the mentors who have contributed towards my success.”

“They don’t judge you because they always teach you. We call them gurus. Happy Guru Purnima.”

Guru Purnima Status Messages

“May your Guru is always there to keep your life free from darkness and doubts.”

“Guru is the energy that has the power to kill all the negativities around you. Happy Guru Purnima.”

“Wishing a very Happy Guru Purnima to the guru who is responsible for my success.”

“I cannot think my life without my guru. Happy Guru Purnima to my inspiring mentor.”

“With all my heart, I thank my guru for always blessing me and guiding me in my life.”

Guru Purnima Facebook Messages

“I have not seen God but for me my god is my guru. Wishing you Happy Guru Purnima.”

“Your presence in my life infuses me with energy to move ahead. Happy Guru Purnima.”

“To the guru who never gives up on me, I wish a very Happy Guru Purnima to you.”

“You have turned dark days into bright mornings for me. Thank you. Happy Guru Purnima.”

“Thank you to the guru who always kept me and my goals before his. Wishing you Happy Guru Purnima.”

Guru Purnima Status for Mom Dad

“To my mom and dad, who are my mentors and my gurus. Wishing you Happy Guru Purnima.”

“Happy Guru Purnima to you mom and dad. You two are the two rays of hope of my life.”

Guru Purnima Status for Teacher

“For all the things you have taught me, I want to thank you. Happy Guru Purnima to you teacher.”

“You are a wonderful teacher and that’s why I am a good student. Wishing you Happy Guru Purnima.

Guru Purnima Status for Mother

“I cannot even count the things you have taught me. Thank you mom for being a wonderful mentor.”

“To the mom who was a friend and also a guide, I wish a very Happy Guru Purnima.”

Guru Purnima Status for Parents

“All thanks to all your advices and support that I am a successful person today. Happy Guru Purnima.”

“To the parents who are the guiding light to my life, I wish a very Happy Guru Purnima.”

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