Going Away Messages for Loved Ones

Going Away Messages for Loved Ones

Staying away from loved ones is a very difficult thing, but we have to accept the distance in our life. When your loved one goes away from you, send a loving going away message expressing your feelings of the heart very beautifully to him/her. The message tells about your memories of the past that you spend together. A loving message can make your close one feel special to you.

A list of heart touching going away message samples for loved ones is presented below:

1). I love you always, no matter how far we are. It is true, time can make us apart in miles, but it never keeps you away from me by heart. I am waiting for you until you come and make me your own again. Till then, be happy.

2). We are together, even apart, we are close, even staying away; it calls love which can win every hurdle and beat everything, which comes in its way. We are going through a test right now, but our love will definitely get success. Be mine always.

3). The tragedy of life is that those we can’t live without, we have to live without them. But we can also make bad things better by believing we meet our loved ones soon. I am doing the same for you. Love you and bye.

4). Without you, there is no means of life, no means of happiness and no means of success. So don’t let me go from your heart as even you are not around, you always stay in my heart. We meet you again.

5). Life is incomplete without love because love brings smile in happiness, it heals wounds in heart, it gives peace in cry and it makes you feel that you are living your life in joy. Some distance comes in between, but we together make it short.

6). Counting distance in miles far easier than the counting distance with love. Wherever you go, my love is always with you. It is true, I cannot touch you, but I can feel you in the core of my heart. Love you and miss you.

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