Going Away Messages for Boss

Going Away Messages for Boss

When your boss leaving the office or it is the time of his/her farewell, you may want to give the best surprise that cherishes all those beautiful memories. Going away message for your boss brings back all those past days, which are memorable. The words of the message express your feeling about your boss and it also gives regards to your boss. A going away message also presents a note of thanks to your boss for his/her unconditional support and encouragement.

Here a nice collection of going away message samples for boss is listed below:

1). It is you who shine us today, it is you who encourage us even in the worst days, it is you who always inspire us to give the best and sown the never give up attitude. Today we all miss you.

2). Tomorrow will be a new day in our office without you, but your advices and philosophy always guide us to find good in bad, to let our mind says what to do, to find the goal of life by own. You are the institution of hope and you will always be remembered.

3). You are going away, but your legacy cannot be fulfilled by others. Your smiling face makes the pressure light, your happy spirit makes us believe in self. No matter wherever you go, you will always stay in my heart.

4). Your personality, your charming attitude, your fun loving gesture and your leadership quality will no longer be there with us, but your thoughts and the way of living always lead me towards goal. I wish you a beautiful life ahead.

5).I learn from you that destination of hard work is success, and the luck of people lies not in their fate, but in their dedication. You never tell me how doing a job, rather you believe in my creativity. I miss your presence in the office.

6).You end a chapter with us in this office where each day is a page of your book that store your achievement and success. Hope the new chapter will be more interesting and you will get success in its each turn. Miss you.

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