Going Away Messages for Boyfriend

Going Away Messages for Boyfriend

Staying away from your boyfriend is a difficult one and but sometimes you have to say bye to your boyfriend for various reasons. You want to express your feelings of heart to your boyfriend to let him know how he is special to you. The words of the message tell about your emotion and feelings and it brings back all those beautiful memories of love.

Here a hear-touching collection of going away message samples for your boyfriend is given below:

1). Why it happens, I don’t know, the person I love the most and I can’t live without, I have to live without him. The dark night comes in my life, so come back soon to drive out the darkness and fill my life with love and a smile. Miss you.

2). Don’t look at my eyes while you are leaving as I cannot hold back my tears. I wish you all the best in your life, and accept this distance as well, but I never let the distance come in between our heart. Take care and bye.

3). Though you are going away, but you will always be in my heart to say I love you today and always. Keep me in your heart and never let me go from there as I know there is no place as beautiful as your heart. Love you.

4). The bonding I share with you is the bonding of love and care and no distance can harm it as long we are together. You may stay miles away from me, but I can feel you in the core of my heart. Love you and bye.

5). Being with you makes me feel the feelings of love, but the life without you is no less than nightmare where no smile in joy and no happiness in success and only dark prevails. Promise me, you will be back soon and make me your own again.

6). You are not around and I feel just alone. The memories are there, but I don’t want to live in the dreamland. My heart aches for you to say that I want you and I love you. Saying bye to you breaks my heart in many pieces.

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