Funny Good Luck Messages to Friends

Funny Good Luck Messages to Friends

Wish your friends good luck, but in a funny way that makes your friend happy and brings smiles to every one’s face.  A message brings happiness to your friend’s smile and it makes the moment delight. Good lucks wish message talks about the courage and confidence, but as it is a funny text, so it is presented in a witty way. The message is inspirational, but it presents the light mood of yours. Whenever your friend’s feel bad, send a funny good luck message and cheers him/her up.

A beautiful collection of funny good luck message samples to friends is presented below:

1). For an inspiration, you don’t look outside; instead look in your heart; you might get the reason of working hard; if you still do not find anything inside you; you can try other tricks too. All the best for your future.

2). You have talent to make the wrong things right; you have the confidence to win over any obstacles; you have everything that leads you in the race. If you are surprised to know this, you can ignore your skill thinking I am lying. Good luck.

3). Tension is made not to take, but to give, success is made not to leave, but to achieve and friendship is made, not to hide, but to share. Share what you have with us and feel the emotion of life. Good luck.”

4). Don’t run after the success, but brush up your confidence and courage. Don’t think you can’t do it, but believe yourself and it makes everything possible for you. Be kind to others and spread your charm to all. Good luck.

5). Life is a roller-costar ride, full of ups and downs. The truth of life is enjoying your highs and learning in your lows. You can make impossible the possible ones if you believe so. I wish you a very best of luck for the future.

6). Go ahead in your career and go through any hurdles in your path. If the challenge hurts you, don’t turn your back and bear the pain of wounds, it leads you to the success. If not, at least you learn how to deal with the wounds.

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