Funny Engagement Messages for Couple

Funny Engagement Messages for Couple

Funny engagement wishes to the couple are humorous and are meant to bring a smile on the faces of the couple. The funny engagement wishes can be sent through cards where a card with funny characters and the engagement wishes can be sent to the couple. In addition to that, a funny video clip with the funny engagement wishes can also be sent to the couple on a DVD.

Get below some sample funny engagement messages that you can send to a couple.

1). Finally you both got engaged. I was beginning to get worried for both of you whether you both will chose someone else after so many years of dating. Congratulations.

2). You both are celebrating at a time when you both are surrendering your freedom. Anyways, congratulations to you both.

3). Congratulations to you both for your engagement and welcome the fights and arguments in your life. You both are going to be together which will lead to war.

4). It’s good to know that you both have sacrificed your peace forever in life. May God bless you both with patience to bear each other.

5). I am very happy that you both got engaged but at the same time feeling sad for you both giving up your freedom of living single. I hope you both don’t miss the fun and enjoyment of your bachelor life. Anyways, Congratulations.

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