Funny Doctors Day Wishes – Funny Jokes, Messages

Funny Doctor Day Wishes, Doctor Funny Jokes, Doctor Messages

Every year 1st July is celebrated as Doctor’s Day in different parts of the world. This day is all about expressing gratitude towards doctors for being such doing their jobs with responsibility and happiness. Happy Doctor’s Day messages from staff and beautifully framed Doctors Day messages and wishes. Say it all with Doctor’s Day messages for thank you that help you express your feelings towards him.

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What To Write in a Doctor’s Day Card – Funny Doctor’s Day Wishes, Messages, Sayings

1. The finest prescription ever written by a doctor is smiles for breakfast, happiness for lunch and jokes for dinner…. For a happy and healthy body and soul…. Warm wishes to you doctor on the day dedicated to you.

2. To the doctor who is always busy in taking care of others around us, making them feel comfortable, curing their diseases and in the middle of all this, forgets his own health…. Wishing you health on Doctor’s Day.

3. The most important wish for any doctor is a happy, healthy and long life so that he can offer his good services society for the longest…. May you always stay as fit as a horse…. Warm wishes to you on Doctor’s Day.

4. Each day is a doctor’s day for a doctor because he is always there on his toes, performing his duties, without taking any holidays, just doing what he swore to do…. To one such doctor, a very Happy Doctor’s Day.

5. There is no better way to help others than by helping them restore their happiness by restoring their health and you are indeed doing an excellent job by fulfilling the toughest of the responsibilities…. Warm wishes to the best doctor on Doctor’s Day.

6. Dear doctor, you are truly an inspiration to many….. Your hard work, focus and dedication towards your job is unmatched…. On the occasion of Doctor’s Day, I pray for your good health and happiness….. Always keep smiling!!

7. With doctors like you, we are all safe and happy because you are there to take care of our health and help us live our lives longer….. Thanks to you for being such a doting doctor…. Wishing you lots of joy and best of health on Doctor’s Day.

8. A doctor often keeps his health aside while he is taking care of his patients, he often neglects his happiness because he is busy bringing smiles on face of others…. Thank you for being the best doctor I know…. Happy Doctor’s Day.

9. Because you forget to focus on your health, I pray to God to give you the best of health and lots of smiles as you are the reason for many smiles and many lives out there….. Wishing you a very Happy Doctor’s Day doc.

10. I wish that each and every patient you treat becomes a healthy person….. I wish that more and more people can enjoy your good services in restoring health…. I wish you lots of good luck and a Happy Doctor’s Day.

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Funny Doctors Day Wishes Messages

11. It is very necessary for doctors to have patience and patients both to have a rocking life…. Happy Doctor’s Day.

12. You know you are a doctor when you can sleep anywhere, anytime because you are always short of it…. Warm wishes on Doctor’s Day.

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Happy Doctors Day Best Funny Jokes in Hindi

13. Choti si chot ho ja koi dardnaak bimari, jab aapke paas ek acha doctor hai toh fikr hai kis baat hai…. Khush naseeb hain wo jinke Jeevan mein hai ek doctor jise dekh kar bhaag jaate hain rog sabhi…. Mubarak ho us doctor ko Doctor’s Day.

14. Wo jo Jeevan mein jod de kuch aur saal, wo jo chutti de kar ghar bheje toh Khushi fel jaaye har ghar dwar, wo jo dhyan de toh kaya ka har kasht ho jaye door, aisa doctor sab ko de do prabhu…. Happy Doctor’s Day!!!

15. Doctor’s Day fir se hai aaya, mujhe yaad hai aaya ki ek ache doctor ko mujhe karna hai wish aur kehna hai shukriya kyunki usne mujhe bahut takleefon se hai bachaya….. Warm wishes on Doctor’s Day to you.

16. Doctor sirf doctor nahin par bhagwan samaan hota hai….. jo har dard aur har pareshani ko apne hunar aur seva se Khushi mein badalne ka jaadu jaanata hai….. Aise hi ek jaadugar ko Happy Doctor’s Day.

17. Wo insaan jo auro ki achi sehat ke jiye din raat laga rehta hai, wo insaan jo har Khushi bhulkar auro ko sukh dene mein vyast rehta hai….. Us insaan ki lambi umar aur achi sehat ki kamna karti hoon….. Happy Doctor’s Day to you.

Happy Doctors Day Quotes Funny

“It is never ever a good idea to go to a doctor whose office plants have not been able to survive. Happy Doctor’s Day.”

“On the occasion of Doctor’s Day, I wish that I never have to go to a doctor for any kind of treatment.”

“A good doctor is someone who can treat you without leaving you with a hole in your pocket. Happy Doctor’s Day.”

Doctors Day Funny Messages

“Warm wishes on Doctor’s Day to you. It is quite weird to wish a doctor a good business ahead this year.”

“Happy Doctor’s Day to you my dear. It is good that your patients don’t know how crazy a friend you are otherwise they would never come to you for treatment.”

“I always pray for a doctor who can diagnose correctly, treat correctly and doesn’t leave you with an empty bank account. Happy Doctor’s Day.”

Funny Doctors Day Jokes

“My sister who has become a doctor will always be a sister to me. Happy Doctor’s Day.”

“The last thing we would want is a confused doctor treating us. Warm wishes on Doctor’s Day.”

“Healthy people are not really loved by doctors for obvious reasons. Happy Doctor’s Day.”

“Being a doctor is having no schedule as your patients are your priority.”

“Keeping aside your comforts and sleep is the first thing every doctor has to do.”

Happy Doctors Day Funny Memes

“Being a handsome doctor can make many more people sick. Happy Doctor’s Day.”

“It is not easy to be a doctor with google around. Warm wishes on Doctor’s Day.”

“Having a doctor whom you can depend is a blessing we all need.”

“Doctors who don’t fiddle with our food and lifestyle are the most loved ones.”

“It is a challenge being a doctor when you have a too inquisitive patient to treat.”

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