Funny Birthday Messages for Kids

Funny Kids Birthday Messages

Funny birthday wishes are meant to give a sense of humor for the kid. Kids love being happy and humorous as well as jokes. As such, a funny birthday wish will sure bring a smile on the lips of the kid. Funny birthday wishes can be sent through cards with a funny image or a funny character drawn with the birthday message on it. Funny birthday wishes can also be sent through video clip on a DVD where the sender can record the birthday wish with a funny message or a say and send it to the kid.

Following are the samples of funny birthday messages for kids:

1). Dear kid, I invite you to my party to be held tomorrow at my residence. I would expect a beautiful gift from your side since you promised me a surprise.

2). Dearest kid, I hope you will arrive at my residence tomorrow for my son’s birthday party. I hope like last time there won’t be any mischief or breaking of my precious decorations.

3). Lovely kid, I thank you for arriving at the birthday party held yesterday at my home. I am much happier for the expensive birthday gift which you promised me last time.

4). Sweet kid, I would expect your arrival at my daughter’s birthday party tomorrow. I hope you would enjoy the party well happy without creating a ruckus lie last time.

5). Through this text message, I invite you, baby kid to my birthday party at my residence. I would eagerly look forward to you gifting me your best treasured game pack you promised me. I hope you don’t forget that.

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