Funny Baby Shower Messages for Twins

Funny Twins Baby Shower Messages

Funny baby shower wishes for twins are humorous and are meant to make the mother smile away. The funny wishes can be sent through cards where a funny character can be drawn with the funny baby shower wish written on it. One can also create a funny baby shower for twin wish video for the mother to cherish.

Browse the funny baby shower messages for twins with sample listed below:

1). Dear twins, I hope your parents have a special arrangement party for me next time I come since I missed your baby shower event. I send you heartiest wishes for the occasion.

2). Dearest twins, kindly tell your parents to arrange return mementos for me as I want them. I send my love and good wishes for the occasion.

3). Lovely twins, I send heartfelt baby shower wishes for the occasion and hope there is a good variety of food provided that I skipped my lovely office party today for it.

4). Sweet twins, heartiest baby shower wishes for you both. I want a good welcome considering I am the chief guest whom your parents urged me to come in any way.

5). Cute twins, I send my love and beautiful wishes for the baby shower occasion. I hope your parents have the music and barbeque as promised during the invitation.

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