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Happy Earth Day Messages 2022 Wishes Images

Earth Day is an annual celebration in which different kinds of events are held across the world in order to motivate people to work and support for protection of environment. Since 1970, more than 193 countries have been celebrating this wonderful day by organizing various Earth Day activities and events.

Sending Earth Day quotes, Happy Earth Day messages, wishes and Earth Day Slogans in Hindi and English is an important part of Earth Day activities. These Earth Day wishes and greeting cards are a way of sharing your joy with your loved ones on this significant day.

Given below is a collection of thoughtful and inspirational Earth Day messages, Best Earth Day Quotes, Earth Day Status, Save Earth Quotes, Happy Earth Day 2024 Wishes, Status, Earth Day Slogans, Earth Day Whatsapp Messages and quotes which can be used for sending best wishes to one and all.

Happy Earth Day Messages 2024 | Best Earth Day Wishes

Use this collection of Earth Day 2024 wishes Images, Earth Day Inspiring Messages to send to your family and friends:

“Earth is like our home and it belongs to us. It is our responsibility to take care of it by planting trees and by controlling pollution to have a greener planet. Warm wishes on Earth Day to you.”

“Earth has always given us every comfort and necessity of life. It takes care of everyone like a mother and we must also protect it and care for it in the best way. Happy Earth Day.”

“On Earth Day, let us promise to plant one tree one person every year and we will have a much greener and happier planet to live as every small effort counts. Happy Earth Day to you.”

“We all breathe the same air, drink the same water and live on the same planet. Let us all join hands to save our planet from pollution and degradation. Wishing you a Happy Earth Day.”

“It is time to return the favor of Mother Earth by planting more trees, by controlling pollution and by making it a greener planet. Let us thank Earth by taking care of it. Happy Earth Day to you.”

“It is our responsibility to take care of planet Earth. It is our responsibility to handover Mother Earth in a healthier shape to our coming generation. Let us work to make it a better place. Happy Earth Day.”

Earth has always been a generous mother. She has always provided us with food, shelter and happiness. Let us return her favor by preserving and protecting her. Happy Earth Day.”

“Earth provides everything that a man needs but a man is always careless about the needs of the Earth. Let us come together to love and protect her from damages. Happy Earth Day 2023.

“On the occasion of Earth Day, we must pledge to take care of our planet by planting trees, by controlling pollution to protect it from all negativities. Wishing you a Happy Earth Day.”

“We must express our gratitude to Mother Earth by taking care of it; by protecting it and by making it a healthier and greener place to live. Wishing you and your family Happy Earth Day!”

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World Earth Day Wishes Messages

“Don’t forget that you have inherited this Earth from your ancestors to pass it on to your children…. The onus of taking good care of it lies on your shoulders….. Happy Earth Day.”

“Mother Earth has the power to provide the best of everything to satisfy the need of every man but it fails to satisfy the greed of any man….. Warm wishes on Earth Day to you.”

“Let us thank Mother Earth for nourishing us with the best of the resources and take pledge to preserve these resources for our coming generations…. Happy Earth Day to my friend.”

“The reason behind our health and happiness is Mother Earth…. We must work harder to protect it, to nurture it and to keep it greener….. Sending warm greetings on Earth Day to you.”

“The beauty of Earth lies in its simplicity and natural look…. Let us pledge to conserve its natural resources and protect it from degradation….. Happy Earth Day to you.”

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Earth Day Messages in Hindi

“Har thakan, har peeda….. har dukh, har pareshani ka hal hai Dharti Maa ke paas…. Wo khush hoti hai tumhare pairon ko mehsus karke…. Wo khush hoti hai tumhari har khushi ko pura karke…. Aao milkar savarein ise…. Happy Earth Day.”

“Prithvi ko bhagwan ne banaya tha swarg jaisa aur humne apne karmo se bana diya hai ise narak jaisa….. is avsar par saath milkar shapath lein ki sawar denge hum iska swaroop apni nishtha aur prem bhav se….. Wishing you a very Happy Earth Day.”

“Humara kartavya banta hai ki prithvi se humne jo jo liya hai, hum use wo wo vapis karein…. Apni kritagyta uska bharan poshan karke, usko hara bhara rakh kar karein…. Aao vadaa karein ki hum banayein humari dhari ko khush haal kutumbh….. Happy Earth Day.”

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Earth Day Greeting Card Messages

“Save our planet. Save Earth. Happy earth day to all”

“Let us make our mother planet a beautiful place to live. Let’s protect greenery.”

“Let us make our planet more green and healthy. Happy Earth day to all.”

“To understand Mother Earth, spare some time and feel the nature, experience it and you would know it deep….. Warm wishes on Earth Day to you.”

“Earth Day is the day of celebration and making promises…. To make it a happier, healthier and greener planet for generations to come. Happy Earth Day!!”

“Planting trees is the best day of spreading love, prosperity and harmony…. Let us all work together to take care of Mother Earth with lots of love…. Wishing you Happy Earth Day.”

Message on Save Earth

“Earth is our Mother and the onus of saving it and keep it healthy and green lies on us…. Best wishes on Earth Day to you.”

“Let us join hands to save our planet because it is our home and also our life…. Wishing a very Happy Earth Day to you.”

“Protecting, saving and nurturing our Mother Earth is the duty of each one of us and we must fulfil it with our commitment and dedication…. Happy Earth Day.”

Earth Day Poster Messages

“Saving Earth today will only promise us a future tomorrow.”

“We cannot achieve a healthier, greener Earth without working for it every day.”

“Earth is our home and also our Mother, it is time to wake up and take its care.”

Best and Catchy Earth Day Slogans

“For a healthy society, we first need a healthy planet.”

“Keeping Earth before anything else will give us a greener Earth.”

“Save Earth for today and tomorrow.”

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