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Every year 2nd December is celebrated as The National Pollution Control Day in India. This day remembers the thousands of people who lost their lives during Bhopal Gas calamity. The idea is to share slogans on pollution, posters messages on air pollution, land pollution, quotes with family and friends to create awareness.

Enjoy the collection on National Pollution Control Day messages, Slogans and World Pollution Prevention Day quotes on Facebook, WhatsApp.

National Pollution Control Day Messages

1. Let us save our environment from getting poisoned with pollution…. Let us create more awareness on National Pollution Control Day.

2. Controlling is the only way of preventing it and creating awareness is the only way to educate…. Happy National Pollution Control Day and let us save our planet.

National Pollution Control Day Quotes

3. Only Clean Air Is Fair!!!

Best Plastic Pollution Quotes

4. Use only what you can reduce, reuse and recycle!!!

Catchy Slogans on Pollution Control

5. To breathe clean, let us go green

6. Show you care by cleaning the air

World Pollution Prevention Day Slogans

7. Save earth by protecting it from pollution

8. Realize that we must give our children a healthy place to live

Slogans of Water Pollution

9. Water is life and also the right of every human

10. Life is nothing without water

Best Slogans on Air Pollution

11. Air we breathe must be clean and pure

12. Each and every breath we take is life, so let us protect it

Slogans on Soil Pollution

13. Only a healthy soil can give us healthy food

14. Saving the soil can help us save generations

Slogans on Land Pollution

15. Let us keep the land we live on clean

16. Home is where the land is….. So keep it pollution free!!!

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