Cute Birthday Messages for Best Friend

Cute Birthday Messages for Best Friend

Cute birthday wishes are lovely and make the best friend feel good and happy. The cute birthday wishes can be sent with a cute picture for the best friend on a personalized card. One can also send cute birthday wishes with birthday notes and writings for the best friend on a jar which can be a unique gift in itself.

Following are the samples of funny birthday messages for best friend to send through texts:

1). Dearest best friend, this text invites you to my birthday party to be held tomorrow at my residence. I hope you will come with good gifts or else I would make sure you can’t come in.

2). Dear best friend, I am thankful to you for arriving at my birthday party and creating the ruckus in the celebration. I would make sure to do the same to your birthday and spoil the party.

3). This text carries heartfelt thankful wishes for my best friend for coming to my birthday party. We really had a fun time spilling drinks on the guests and celebrating in style.

4). Sweet best friend, thanking you for gifting me the precious gift you promised me. I am sure it cost you a fortune but I know you won’t mind since it is for your good friend.

5). Dear best friend, through this text I invite you to the birthday party of my daughter at my residence tomorrow. Make sure you come and that too with the best gift in town for her.

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