Creative Selfie Quotes and Captions for Amazing Friend’s Group Photos

Creative Captions and Selfie Quotes friends group photo

Clicking selfies with your group of friends is surely a must thing to do when the gang is together. It is not just about capturing a beautiful moment but it also about adding another frame to your garden of memories which is full of good times spent together. If you are to post these awesome pictures with your friends’ group then don’t miss on including a creative selfie caption or quote with the photo to make it more interesting.

We bring to you the most attractive collection of innovative selfie quotes and captions that make even friend’s group photo more meaningful.

1. When the best of the friends meet, they create the most beautiful memories together!!!

2. This one picture shows so much of love and bond between the friends for life.

3. Our tribe is connected because of our vibe…. Cheers pals!!!

3. There is just one thing common between all the faces…. We all are crazy and funny….. Each one beats another one.

4. One moment that makes a regular day a special one is one weird conversation with your gang of mad souls.

5. We are friends because we are blessed with the same mental disorder…. Always united…. Truly priceless.

6. We are bonded today and we will be bonded tomorrow…. Even as ghosts in some other world!!!

7. True friends never let their friends do stupid things alone…. That’s what make us one complete gang.

8. None of us can be serious as life is all about doing crazy stuff together…. A picture with the bunch of stupid people who always make me smile.

9. If they enter your room without a knock, if they eat all your food without your permission…. They are your true friends…. Like these  Thanks for the surprise guys!!

10. We connect and bond because we make the best of the fools together and we all enjoy it thoroughly!!!

11. They never leave me lonely….. They disturb me all the time…. They are my funny friends!!!

12. This is my gang….. We don’t judge each other but we judge other people when we are together…. So beware of this gang.

13. We have the magic to entertain each one of you…. With our funny jokes and pose.

14. Had you guys not been crazy, I am sure we would have never been friends…. Cheers to our stupidities and funny moments!!!

15. If you wish to know who are your real friends…. Screw them up and just wait to see who all are still with you!!!

16. They never let me live in peace as they don’t like me being boring…. Thanks for bringing colors to my life each and every day.

17. If I am talking, they want to shut me up and if I am not talking, they are all tensed… Love you my darlings.

18. They are always there when I am rejected and dejected…. Sometimes I wonder are they the reason for my failure….lol…. Kill me not!!

19. They never give me a chance to invite them as they end up inviting themselves….. No matter what, you all are always welcome my dearest friends!!!

20. Saying nothing about this picture is the best caption for it, as the picture says it all.

21. When we are together, we are the brightest light, we are the liveliest soul…. Cheers to our connection!!!!

23. Clicked the rainbow of my life that makes me happy, motivates me and brings out the best in me…. Love you my dear friends.

24. May we have many more clicks together…. This being our #1.

25. Each and every expression is this photo makes it a perfect frame…. Cheers to our friendship!!!!

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  • smita February 23, 2018, 11:26 am

    Friends are most precious thing in our life.Sometime i think if they were not in my life then what a hell will be my life