Cute Captions for Brother Sister FB DP and Whatsapp Status Quotes

Cute Captions for Brother Sister FB DP and Whatsapp Status Quotes

The relationship between a brother and a sister is the beautiful blend of different colors. It is a strange love and hate kind of relationship which is very difficult to be expressed in words. You love each other so much that you cannot imagine your life without the other but at the same time, you two cannot stay without fighting with each other. Flaunt your interesting relationship with a perfect click on Facebook or Whatsapp by using the best of the captions and cutest of the quotes that define your love for each other.

Here are some of the most endearing caption quotes for FB and Whatsapp status for brother and sister which bring out the best of your association.

1. Only a brother can love and protect you like a father, care like a mother, annoy like a sister and be the biggest support like a friend.

2. Blessed are the girls who have a brother!!!

3. The sweetest angels sent by God in our lives are called SISTERS.

4. My sister is blessed with the best brother in the world…. She in indeed very lucky.

5. We fight like enemies and we love like best friends….. Cheers to our bond of love!!!

6. One friend I can never afford to lose ever in my life is my brother.

7. He is not just my brother but also my biggest strength as he saves me from all the troubles.

9. One person on whom I can always rely with anything is my sister…. Love you my partner in crime!!

10. God made us brother and sister so that we can fight for life and still stay together.

12. A sister is your little bundle of joy with a magic to make you smile always.

13. Living life with the one with whom my frequency matches the best, since day one, because we share our genes and we also share our jeans….. Bro-Sis Pact!!!

14. There is no secret box like your sister….. she can either hide it from the world or can tell your mom.

15. Keep calm and fight with your brother.

16. When we two stand together, shoulder to shoulder, nothing can beat us in this world.

17. Sisters can multiply laughter and make problems seem easier!!

18. The most precious gift my parents ever gave me is my sister.

19. If you mess with my sister, I will mess with your life and that will not be good.

20. There is just one very good thing about my brother…… That he loves me unconditionally.

21. If I want something, I know to whom I need to contact for my demands….. to my brother.

22. When we two have the same agenda on the mind, no force in the world can beat the brother-sister duo!!!

23. The one person with whom I have always been sharing my cookies with….. My brother!!!

24. Together we have created the best memories of our life….. because we are the best brother and sister.

25. When no one understood me, she did because she is the most special person…. Because she is the most adorable sister.

26. Life is more fun when you have a sister to share it with!!!

27. Through all ups and downs….happiness and sorrows…. Brother and sister always stay bonded!!!

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    Finding the perfect angle for a selfie is difficult enough, but picking a matching caption is even harder. Loved your captions.