Wow Short and Sweet Captions and Quotes for Lovers Photo

Lovers Photo Short and Sweet Captions and Quotes

Got a click with your beloved and wish to post it on social media? Well, to make it more impressive, do include a beautiful caption with your picture to bring out the emotions and love in the picture. With these best of love sayings you can make your picture look more incredible. Flaunt your love and lover with the unique captions and quotes that go with any picture with you two lovers in it.

Here are some of these amazingly impressive short and sweet captions that are just perfect to use for your picture with your lover on Facebook or Whatsapp or Instagram.

1. She did not whisper into my ears but she directly sent her sweet words to my heart.

2. I wake up happy every morning because I know I have you in my life.

3. The beauty of the real relationship is that one doesn’t control the other.

4. That sweet kiss was not for my lips, it was for my soul!!!

5. There is only one thing that I have to give you is my heart my love.

6. The one person without whom my life will never be complete.

7. I love you and I promise to love you more with each passing day.

8. Because you found my soul, I am yours for life!!!

9. You are not just my love, you are my life, my hope and my future!!!

10. You are the one for whom I have waited for years and now I have you in my life for various years to come.

11. Cherishing every moment spent with you because you are my soul mate.

12. Now this is called a perfect romantic connection.

13. You are worth the entire wait….. And I love you my darling!!!

14. Of all the prayers that have been answered, you are the most beautiful of all.

15. My love, I submit my heart and my soul to you…..!!!!

16. Just one wish….. to love you each and every day for the rest of my life.

17. Two bodies, two hearts but one soul…… the best click ever.

18. I saw you and I knew the search I over…..And my life changed.

19. With you in my arms, I promise to never let you go because I love you.

20. You add the spark to my eyes and smile to my face…!!!

21. I don’t just want to share the frame with you, I want to share my life with you.

22. When two hearts connect, we get an awesome click 😉

23. You don’t just complete my picture, you complete me and my life.

24. Posing with the lady who rules my heart!!

25. I promise has been made to love each other unconditionally eternally.

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