World AIDS Day 2019 Slogan in English and Hindi

World Aids Day Slogan in English - AIDS Hindi Slogans

The world observes December 3rd as World AIDS Day. Celebrate this day with some powerful and meaningful World AIDS Day slogans 2019. Share with your family and friends, colleagues and relatives the newest World AIDS Day slogans in Hindi and English to bring more awareness and to inspire them to fight against this disease. Wish one and wish all with AID awareness slogans designed around World AIDS Day theme.

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World Aids Day 2019 Slogan in English

Leave love for generations and not AIDS.

Don’t judge someone with AIDS.

There is no future with HIV.

Mankind will progress when there is no AIDS.

We don’t need AIDS, we need aid.

Let us talk openly about AIDS.

Don’t let AIDS succeed over life.

Hate AIDS but not an HIV patient.

We have the power to control AIDS.

With AIDS, there is no tomorrow.

AIDS puts an end to life.

AIDS has a solution and that is awareness.

Not talking about AIDS is contributing to its growth.

Let us work for a world free from AIDS.

Awareness about AIDS is the only solution for HIV

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World Aids Day Slogan in Hindi

Nafrat AIDS se karo, na ki us se jise AIDS hai.

AIDS ka matlab ek andhkar bhara kal hai.

AIDS ke baare mein jaankari hi uska upay hai.

Hum mein wo shakti hai ki hum AIDS ko rok sakein.

AIDS humare aane wale kal mein naa ho, kuch aisa karein.

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