National Energy Conservation Day Quotes Messages – Posters and Slogans

National Energy Conservation Day Quotes Messages - Energy Conservation posters Images

National energy conservation day is observed every year on 14th December. This day is all about creating awareness on conserving our sources of energy. Share with your family and friends Energy Conservation Day slogans, messages, quotes etc.

New Collection of World Energy Conservation Day 2023 wishes. Send International Energy Conservation Day messages on Facebook, WhatsApp and send save energy slogan posters to all.

National Energy Conservation Day Text Messages

1. Energy independence cannot come without energy conservation….. Wishing you a very Happy National Energy Conservation Day with a message to save energy.

2. Every bit of conserved energy can make a big difference…. Let us pledge to save energy in small ways…. Happy National Energy Conservation Day.

National Energy Conservation Day Poster Messages

3. If we don’t act on conserving energy today then we cannot save ourselves from a dark future…. Act on National Energy Conservation Day.

4. National Energy Conservation Day is a reminder that we can no longer go easy with our sources of energy and we must conserve them.

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National Energy Conservation Day Quotes

5. Bright and happy future is only possible when we pledge to conserve energy in every way possible!!!

6. There is no crisis of energy but there is just ignorance about energy…. Have a Happy and Enlightened National Energy Conservation Day.

Energy Conservation Day Slogans

7. Conserving energy is saving our generations to come

8. More the energy is conserved more are the chances of saving the planet

Energy Conservation Slogans in Hindi

9. Urja ko bacha kar hum apni pragati mein bahut bada yogdaan de sakte hain

10. Agar urja nahi toh Jeevan nahi…. Jeevan ko bachana hai toh urja ko bachana hai.

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