St. George’s Day Wishes

St. George's Day Wishes message

St. George’s Day is celebrated by lots of Christian Churches and countries where Saint George is the patron saint. Every year, on 23rd April, this day is celebrated as St. George’s Day since his death in 303 A.D. As Easter falls close to St. George’s Day, celebrations at churches are postponed to the first Monday after Easter which is sometimes also called as Monday of Bright Week.

Send beautiful St. George’s Day wishes to your family and friends using the sample text messages and quotes. Use the wonderful collection of St. George’s Day messages given below to wish people around you.

1). On this day, remember that you are an Englishman. Be proud on yourself and on the sacrifices made by Him. Wishing you and your family a Happy St. George’s Day 2016.

2). Today is the day to remember that we are all Englishmen and we are proud to be born as one. Let us remember St. George and celebrate this day with happiness. Happy St. George’s Day.

3). May the goodness of St. George inspire us to be a wonderful man like him. Let us seek his blessing for our family and country. Wishing you and your family a Happy St. George’s Day.

4). On the auspicious occasion of St. George’s Day, we can feel his blessings in the breeze. Let us all bow to pray him for his love and care. Warm wishes to you on St. George’s Day 2016.

5). I pray to God to guide your life with the spirit of chivalry. I pray Him to give you strength to fight the wrong and be courageous. Wishing you a Happy St. George’s Day. May God bless us all.

6). On St. George’s Day, let us all promise to become wonderful souls like Him who fought for the right and stood against the wrong. Warm wishes to you and your family on St. George’s Day.

7). Today is the day to be proud of being an Englishman. Let us be happy to be born with English blood. Let us be happy to be born in nation of St. George’s Day. Happy St. George’s Day to you.

8). On the festive day, let us pray to God to shower our lives with courage and will to accomplish the right. Let us seek his love and support. Wishing you a wonderful and Happy St. George’s Day.

9). Today, I pray to God to always guide your path with the light of righteousness. I pray for your success and happiness. Wishing you a Happy St. George’s Day. May God always bless you.

10). He was the one who wandered from home to the countryside. He met lots of people and made lots of new friends. Today, let us remember Him by wishing each other a Happy St. George’s Day.

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