Best World Sight Day Slogans | Eye Donate Slogans

World Sight Day Slogans - Eye Donate Slogans

Second Thursday in the month of October is observed as World Sight Day across the globe. This day is all about creating more awareness about blindness, vision problems and impairments. Share on this significant day, Eye Donate slogans and eye donation quotes. Create more awareness amongst your family and friends with inspiring eye donation slogans. With slogans about World Sight Day, make everyone around you aware of this day.

In this post we have come up with best slogans for World Sight Day. Wonderful collection of eye slogans in English to share on social media. Unique eye donation quotes for Facebook, WhatsApp.

Best Slogans for World Sight Day

With eye donation, you can give sight to two blind people.

There is nothing more kind that giving someone the ability to see.

Blindness has a solution and we must follow that solution.

Let us donate our eyes to help the blind see the world.

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Even when you will not live, your eyes will life forever…. Donate your eyes.

Someone will be able to see this world with your eyes…. Eye donation is great kindness.

You can earn many blessings just by donating your eyes to someone who needs it.

Add more life to their lives, add colours to their dark life…. Donate eyes.

With many more people donating their eyes, there will be lesser blind people in this world.

Donate your eyes, it is a kind gesture.

You will not lose anything but someone will get the vision…. Donate eyes.

The only thing a blind man prays for is VISION… Support eye donation.

We all deserve to see this beautiful world…. Donate eyes.

Eye donation is the most thoughtful act.

With your eyes, have someone see this world.

Give someone vision with your eyes… Donate eyes!!!

Life is beautiful and with eyes, it is certainly all the more beautiful.

Knowing that someone will be able to see this world with your eyes will always bring you joy.

Donating eyes is the most beautiful thing you can do when you are no alive.

Ask a blind man the importance of being able to see this world.

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Eye Donate Slogans in English

Donate your eyes to give someone a vision for life.

Bring happiness and brightness into someone’s life by donating eyes.

Donate eyes to add colours to one life.

With one more person donating eyes, there will be one person less without vision.

Gifting someone the gift to see is the most precious gift.

We all can make a change to one life… Donate eyes.

Donate eyes because that’s the most valuable donation to make.

By donating eyes, you are making a big difference to someone’s life.

Add more meaning to life, donate eyes.

We all have the power to do something good…. We all have the power to donate eyes.

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