20+ Creative and Catchy Eye Donation Slogans in English/Hindi

Creative Eye Donation Slogans, Slogans on Eye Donation

Eye donation means donating your cornea. The cornea is the transparent, protective outer layer of your eye.  Corneal transplantation is a medical procedure that allows a corneal blind individual to restore sight from a donor eye.

Check out our list of Eye Donation Slogans, creative eye donation poster Slogans, Best Slogans For Eye Donation and Eye Donation Slogans, lines on eye donation in Hindi and English which can be useful for you to understand the significance of donating the eyes after death.

Creative Eye Donation Slogans in English

Be a kind person and donate your eyes.

The finest present you can give to others is an eye gift.

After you’ve gone, your eyes remain with some.

When someone looks through your eyes, your eyes will be immortal.

Give someone your eyes to bring color to their lives.

Even after your death, you can give vision gift to others.

Donate eyes to bring light into someone’s darkness.

If you donate, your eyes will never die.

Give one eye and save two.

Someone can see through your eyes even after you are no more.

Give someone your eyes and be the reason for their happiness.

While not everyone can be a doctor, everyone may donate their eyes.

Blindness is a scourge, and you may help to end it by giving your sight.

Because of your eyes, a blind person may view the lovely world.

Donate your eyes, do a selfless act.

When you donate your eyes, a piece of yourself is left behind.

Give your light of eye to brighten someone’s life.

The gift of sight is a valuable one.

When you die, your eyes will be worthless, so make them useful by giving them.

Make a meaningful life by donating your eyes.

Eye Donation Slogans in Hindi

Duniya fir se dekhenge jab netradan karenge.

Netradan sarvashetha dan hai. Netrahin ko netradan kijiye.

Apki ankhen dudro ke kam aa sakti hai. Netradan karen.

Jaruratmand ke jiwan ko roshan karen. Netradan mahadan karen.

Kisi ke jiwan mai nayi jyoti laye. Netradan karen.

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