World Polio Day Messages, Polio Slogans and Quotes 2023

World Polio Day Messages - Polio Slogans, Quotes

Every year October 24th is observed as World Polio Day. Polio is a fatal infection which leads to crippling disease. This day is all about creating awareness about polio and eradicating this disease from the root. On this day, share with your family and friends the inspiring polio quotes and polio slogans. Wish everyone around you with World Polio Day messages and World Polio Day quotes.

Have the newest collection of World Polio Day messages, Best Wishes, Whatsapp Status, Greetings, Images, Quotes Polio Slogans in English shared with everyone around you. Wish one and all with World Polio Day quotes to share on Facebook, WhatsApp.

World Polio Day Messages and Pulse Polio Quotes 2023

“Wishing a very Happy World Polio Day to you…. Together we can make this world polio free for the generations to come.”

“Don’t let polio hamper our future and our future generations… Don’t let polio affect the pace of our lives…. Happy World Polio Day to you.”

“Polio has been a challenge to many lives but on World Polio Day, let us promise to throw it away from our lives….. Warm wishes on World Polio Day.”

“With each drop of polio, we are coming closer to the day when this world will be free from polio…. Wishing a very Happy World Polio Day.”

“We cannot do easy with polio because it has already taken many lives and already given many people a lot of pain…. Its time to bid it adieu…. Happy World Polio Day.”

“On the occasion of World Polio Day, it is time to wake up to polio to make this world a happier place to live…. Happy World Polio Day.”

“Warm wishes to every one World Polio Day…. The onus of making this world polio free lies on the shoulder of each one of us and we must do it.”

Polio Slogans in English

Save the child, don’t forget to give him the vaccine.

A drop can do many wonders.

One drop can save many lives.

Let us work together for a polio free tomorrow.

Polio demands our patience and our dedication.

Don’t go easy with polio.

Fight polio, for a better tomorrow.

Don’t let polio mess with your life.

Life is too precious…. Don’t polio destroy it.

Care for health of your children… Save them from polio.

Don’t miss even a single drop… Save your child from polio.

Let us kick polio out of this world.

Don’t give up on the fight against polio.

Polio is a threat to all of us… Kill it.

Polio is a challenge for all.

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