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World Peace Day Slogans - Peace Slogans

September 21st is observed as International Day of Peace or World Peace Day to spread the message of peace.  Take an opportunity on this day to send everyone around you inspiring World Peace Day slogans in Hindi and English. Share with your family and friends, the inspiring peace slogans quotes.

We bring a wonderful collection of World Peace slogans in India. Share these motivational World Peace slogan pictures on Facebook, WhatsApp to make it a wonderful World Peace Day.

Best Slogans on World Peace Day

Peace is what every heart desires for.

Whatever violence can do, peace has the potential to do it better.

Hot heads can never bring peace.

To bring peace in the world, bring some peace in your mind.

It is time to end the violence and establish peace.

There cannot be happiness without peace.

Bullets can never promise peace.

Conversation is the best way to bring peace.

If you aim for a peaceful tomorrow then war is not the solution.

Never hate but always appreciate.

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World Peace Slogans Pictures

Peace is surely possible, work for it.

Peace doesn’t come easy, you have to work hard for it.

Peace is the way to bring the world together.

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World Peace Day Slogan in Hindi

Shanti hi har dil ko sukun deti hai.

Jiske mann mein hanti nahi, wo duniya mein shanti nahi laa sakta.

Vishva mein shaanti lane ke liye sabko ek jut hona padega.

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