Peace Corps Day Messages, Peace Corps Quotes and Slogans

Peace Corps Day Messages, Peace Corps Quotes, Slogans

Peace Corps Day is celebrated every year of March 1st. It is a program stated by President Kennedy in 1961 which was about sending a civilian volunteers army to underdeveloped countries to help the people in many different ways. Celebrate this day with Peace Corp slogans and inspirational Peace Corp quotes to shared with everyone around you to motivate them to volunteer themselves for the cause.

Here is the collection of newest Peace Corps Day messages and wishes to share with family and friends on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram to remind everyone of the significance of this day.

Peace Corps Day Messages

“We are blessed that America is not just that face to the world where a soldier is standing with a gun but also a face where a volunteer is helping making many lives better. Happy Peace Corp Day.”

“Warm wishes on Peace Corp Day to you. Let us become a volunteer by touching many lives which need our support and help.”

“Those who are privileged must always help those who are not and that is the perfect way to celebrate Peace Corp Day.”

“The occasion of Peace Corp Day will always remind us that this world needs our services to make it a better place to live in.”

“The idea is to built a better community by helping all those who are in need. Warm wishes on Peace Corp Day.”

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Peace Corps Quotes & Sayings

“Blessed are those who can devote some part of their lives into social service. Happy Peace Corp Day to all.”

“Bringing peace in this world and offering help to those who are in need will certainly make it a more beautiful planet. Warm wishes on Peace Corp Day.”

“The occasion of Peace Corp Day inspires each one of us to help the needy around us and bring back the lost peace of the world.”

“If each one of us is going to dedicate some of our time and energy into helping others, we will have a wonderful place to live in. Happy Peace Corp Day.”

“Peace Corp Day reminds each one of us that is it our duty and our responsibility to volunteer our services to those who are not privileged like us. “

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Peace Corps Slogans

“It is the intention to help that counts the most and Peace Corp Day aims to instill that kind of intention in all of us.”

“We Americans should take pride in being a part of Peace Corp as it gives us a chance to help others in a wonderful way.”

“There will always be some countries which will be developed and some under-developed and there will always be a chance to help them become better.”

“Public service is not a cup of tea for everyone but it is certainly something that the world needs badly.”

“Being happy in our own world will not do any good to the world outside. Join Peace Corp to bring smiles on many faces.”

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