Inspiring World Diabetes Day Slogans, Sugar Slogans

World Diabetes Day Slogans, Sugar Slogans

November 14th is observed as World Diabetes Day in order to create awareness about this disease which is affecting a large percentage of world population. Share on this day diabetes one lines and sugar slogans with your family and friends to make them aware about this health issue. Send across the unique diabetes slogans in Hindi and diabetes slogans in English to make this day more meaningful. With the newest World Diabetes Day slogans, wish everyone around you.

Shared below are some catchy diabetes slogans to share on World Diabetes Day. Celebrate this day with diabetes slogans funny and diabetes one liners to share with everyone.

World Diabetes Day Slogans, One liners

Learn to enjoy life without sugar.

Quit sugar for a better life.

Don’t let your health suffer because of sugar.

Diabetes is the biggest threat to life.

Stay away from sugar to stay healthy.

Watch out your lifestyle to avoid diabetes.

Being proactive can help you keep diabetes at bay.

Create awareness about diabetes.

Add sweetness to your life and not to your food.

Eat to stay healthy, not to get diabetic.

Funny and Inspiring Diabetes Slogans

No sugar means no diabetes.

Be cautious of the sugar you consume.

Keep calm and spread awareness about diabetes.

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Catchy Sugar Slogans, Taglines in English

Life is sweeter with no sugar.

Control your sugar to control your life.

Life is healthier with no sugar.

Diabetes Slogans in Hindi

Diabetes se jung jaari hai.

Mithas Jeevan mein rakhein khaane mein nahin.

Na mithai hogi, naa Diabetes hogi.

Diabetes Slogan Posters

Don’t let diabetes beat you.

Fight against diabetes.

Aim for a healthier life.

Slogans on Diabetes Insipidus

Let us stop the silent and slow killer.

You better not be sweet to me as I am diabetic.

Spread the awareness about diabetes.

Let us aim for a world free from diabetes.

Slogan for Diabetes in Hindi

Diabetes se sabko bachana hai.

Diabetes ek aisi bimari hai jo sab par bhari hai.

Diabetes humein andar se khohla kar deti hai.

Diabetes to hum sath mein mil kar rok sakte hain.

Slogans Against Sugar

Sugar is poison for diabetic patients.

Sugar is sweet but it is not for those who have diabetes.

Say no to sugar to prevent yourself from diabetes.

There is nothing healthy about sugar for those who are diabetic.

Diabetes Motivational Quotes

“Diabetes has the power to kill us slow every day but we have the power to stop it with the right actions.”

Let us wake up to the threats of diabetes before it is too late and save yourselves from the dangers of diabetes.”

“Life is much better with diabetes, so let us work hard to win this battle against diabetes.”

“After diabetes, everything changes but we can reverse these changes if we are headstrong against diabetes.”

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