World Day for International Justice Quotes, Messages

World Day for International Justice Quotes Messages

The World Day of International Justice or the International Justice Day is observed on the 17th of July every year to acknowledge the international system of justice. It was started as a movement to recognise the work of International Criminal Court in matters of war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocides. Here are some International Justice Day 2023 wishes, Justice quotes and Justice Day messages, status to underscore the work and efforts of the system.

International Justice Day Quotes, Messages, Whatsapp Status

It is the spirit and faith in the laws that gives the humanity hope that things will get better. Here is to wishing well for everyone on the World Day for International Justice.

To all the victims of war crimes and injustice, have faith in the system. Justice will be served.

Justice in is truest sense is what love looks like public. Wishing for good things to happen that will put an end to the sufferings on the World Day for International Justice.

The only way to fight injustice is unity and strength. On this World Day of International Justice, let us come together to raise our voices against the injustice.

Injustice is a way to bandage the wounds of the victims but justice, it is a way to heal those wounds.

Justice is being neutral to the truth and serving to the hope that the right ones hold. Wishing everyone a Happy World Day of International Justice. The world will heal and it will get better till the time we have faith in our systems of justice.

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