When is Good Friday?

when is good friday

When is Good Friday In 2024?

Not sure of when Good Friday falls in 2024? Know the exact day of Good Friday in 2024 with us. This Christian holiday will fall on 29 March, 2024. It is on this day that crucifixion of Jesus Christ happened followed by his death. Good Friday is celebrated in countries like USA, UK, India, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, Kenya, South Africa, Belgium and across the globe.

Why is it called Good Friday

When is Good Friday In 2022

We often think that why the day of crucifixion of Jesus is called Good Friday when something bad happened on this day. Well, there are no such mentions in Bible. Some people feel that Good Friday is called good because it is “God’s Friday” and therefore, it is called Good Friday. Whereas there are some others that believe that it is on this day that Jesus saved the people of God from their sins by welcoming death, no matter how bad it was making this bad day a good one.

How is Good Friday Celebrated

How is good Friday celebrated

Good Friday is observed on the Friday before Easter Sunday. On this day, many Christians observe fasting, offer prayers and spend time meditating remembering the suffering of Jesus on the cross. Passion plays are organized by locals which are attended by masses. People also visit Church to offer prayers, to attend Holy Mass or to be a part Stations of the Cross. These are a few ways in which this holy day is celebrated.

What Happened on Good Friday

What Happened on Good Friday

If you wonder why Good Friday is celebrated then we have the answers. It was on this day that Jesus was taken before Pilate, was mocked and beaten. He was crowned with thorns and was then condemned to death. It was on Good Friday that he was crucified between two thieves. Soldiers nailed him and had left him to die. After saying his last seven words, he then cried out loud and died from suffering. Jesus sacrificed himself for the sins committed by others on Good Friday which makes it a holy day.

Here is Good Friday 2024 Date & Time :

Festivals Name Day Dates Of Festivals
Good Friday 2022 Friday 15th April
Good Friday 2023 Friday 07th April
Good Friday 2024 Friday 29th March/td>

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