When Is Easter Sunday?

When Is Easter Sunday in 2017

The dates of Easter Sunday are determined using lunar calendar which means they keep changing every year. Easter Sunday 2017 will fall on 1st April in the year 2018 and countries like UK, USA, India, New Zealand, Singapore, Canada, Australia etc. Technically, it makes the end of Holy Week.

Why is it called Easter?

Easter doesn’t have any reference in Bible which means that this word originated much later. It is believed that there was a pre-Christian goddess in England by the name of Eostre and she was celebrated at the start of spring season. The reference of this Goddess is available in the writings of Venerable Bede of late 7th and early 8th century.

What Easter Celebrations Comprise of?

Easter celebrations are all about enjoying a gala meal with family and friends, exchanging chocolate eggs and going for an Easter sermon on this auspicious day. Egg is the symbol of new life and therefore it is eaten on this day. During Holy Week, consumption of egg is forbidden and therefore, they are saved, beautifully decorated and presented to children as gifts on Easter.

Here is Easter Sunday 2018 Date & Time :

Event Name Day Dates Of Event
Easter Day 2018 Sunday 1 April
Easter Day 2019 Sunday 21 April
Easter Day 2020 Sunday 12 April

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