Welcome Messages for Wedding Websites

Welcome Messages for Wedding Websites

Wedding websites include details about weddings and are made for listing and giving details about weddings of different people. The wedding websites are much a rage now and everyone look forward to creating a wedding website or list themselves in a wedding website to make their wedding a gala one. The wedding websites provide the details of the wedding, the venue and about the bride and the groom couples. The welcome wishes are given in wedding websites to invite people to join the website and make the wedding more celebrative. The welcome wishes in wedding wishes are also given to welcome people to a particular wedding event. Some of the samples of welcome messages for wedding websites examples are given below:

Funny Welcome Messages for Wedding Websites

Funny welcome wishes are given in wedding websites to make the wishes more humorous for the invites. The funny welcome wishes can be given with best greetings and funny photographs of the wedding couple on the website. One can also create a funny welcome wishes video for the invites and upload it in the wedding website. One can also send welcome wishes to people through text messages to invite them to have a look at the wedding website.

“I invite you all as I face my freedom losing ceremony of marriage with Gracy on 16th April at Royal Plaza. I hope you will be there and extend your full support for me in the ceremony.”

Welcome message for destination wedding website

Destination wedding websites list the weddings which are held in assigned destinations and beautiful locations of the choice of the wedding couple. There are many weddings nowadays which are held in exquisite locations as a part of dream weddings for the couple. The destination wedding website lists these weddings in different destinations and also the details of the wedding.

“We cordially invite you and your family to the destination wedding as we celebrate our wedding ceremony in the Caribbean on 12th May. We eagerly await your presence in the ceremony and the celebrations by our side.”

Welcome message for my wedding website

Every wedding couple would love to create a wedding website which lists the details of the wedding and also the love story of the couple and how it culminated into a beautiful wedding finally. The wedding website is a dream for every couple and also a beautiful way to invite guests for the wedding.

“Through this beautiful wedding website of mine, I invite you all to my wedding ceremony to be held on 15th March from 6 pm in Royal Plaza. I would eagerly await your presence on the auspicious occasion and your blessings for all.”

Sample Miscellaneous welcome messages for wedding websites:

“I welcome you all guests through my wedding website on the auspicious occasion of my wedding with Tracy on 14th November. I would eagerly await your presence by my side with your blessings for us as we tie the nuptial knot.”

“On the auspicious occasion of my destination wedding in Greece on 16th April, I welcome you all and your families to the auspicious occasion and your blessings for us as we take the marital knot.”

“I welcome you all people to my marriage on 16th June at Royal Plaza from 5 pm. Do bring gifts as passes for the wedding or else face the fate of standing outside the wedding venue.”

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