Welcome Message for My Wedding Website

Welcome Message for my Wedding Website

Every wedding couple would love to create a wedding website which lists the details of the wedding and also the love story of the couple and how it culminated into a beautiful wedding finally. The wedding website is a dream for every couple and also a beautiful way to invite guests for the wedding.

Find below samples of welcome messages for my wedding website to forward to guests and loved ones:

1). Dear guest, I welcome you to my wedding website. You would find the list of rituals and events laid out for the long marriage occasion and I expect you to be present in all.

2). I welcome lovely friend to my wedding website. I hope you get a view of all the marriage photographs and moments treasured in this beautiful site.

3). Welcome wishes for the esteem guest to my wedding website. Do look into the pre and post marriage clicks along with the photographs during the ceremony here in the albums.

4). Welcoming dear mother to my wedding website. I have given a beautiful photograph enlarge here of our family which I will frame it soon for home.

5). Welcoming dear sister on my wedding website with love. Have a look at the marriage photographs which includes your joyful presence beside me and my bride.

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