Wedding Messages to Guests from Bride and Groom

Wedding messages to guests from bride and groom

The wedding wishes from the bride and the groom are personally sent from them and are sent to special guests of the bride and groom. The wedding wishes from the couple can be sent through beautiful cards with gifts or through text messages to the guests.

Following are fascinating samples of wedding messages the bride and the groom can convey to the guests for being at the marriage ceremony:

1). We as the bride and groom, express our thankfulness to dear guest for bestowing your love and blessings on our wedding. We are much happy to have you in the family.

2). Sending much love and inviting you to our marriage ceremony tomorrow. This message from the bride and groom expects your presence at the occasion.

3). With much gratitude, the bride and groom sends thank you wishes and gifts for the love shown by the guest. You are a much dear person of us and look forward to seeing you again.

4). To the loving guest, we bride and groom invite you to our wedding ceremony to be held at the Regal Chariot. The occasion would be conducted this Sunday on the mentioned venue.

5). Bride and groom wishes thankfulness to honoured guest for the lovely gift sent on wedding. We have kept it with adore and are feeling much special to have received such a treasure.

Popular Messages:

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