Wedding Invitation Message for Colleagues

Wedding Invitation Message for Colleagues

Colleagues are not only acquaintances in work but are also a part of life as one spends most of the time daily in work with colleagues. As such, inviting colleagues to wedding makes they feel good and cared for. The invitation wishes for the colleagues can be sent through beautiful invitation cards or text messages.

Given below are good wedding invitation message samples for the colleagues one works with in office:

1). Dear colleague, I invite you to my wedding reception to be held this Friday at the Plaza. I would eagerly look forward to your presence on the occasion.

2). Inviting my sweet colleague to the wedding reception of my brother this Sunday. Be there for a lovely evening filled with music and good food to relish on.

3). Sending the invitation of my sister’s wedding ceremony to my best colleague I share workspace with. I hope you would be there at the rituals to gift your love for the couple.

4). On the occasion of the wedding reception of my son, I invite my colleague with love. I expect you to arrive with your family and bless the couple for a happy married life.

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