Valentines Day Love Messages For Friends

Valentines Day love Messages For Friends

Valentines messages for friends include the Valentine’s Day wishes and also expresses the love and care the sender has for the friends. The friends celebrate Valentine’s Day together and send gifts to one another to make the special day of love much more memorable.

Given below are fascinating samples of valentines love messages to convey to the friends on the special day:

Valentines Day Love Wishes for Friends

Make the occasion of Valentine’s Day a beautiful one for your friends by sharing with them Valentine’s Day love messages for friends. Select from the Valentine’s Day wishes for friends to send them as greetings or post them as love status on social media to wish them in a beautiful way.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you. I wish that the love of your life walk into your life and make you happy and smiling.”

“On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, I wish that your life is filled with colors of love that always surprise you and make you smile. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

“Happy Valentine’s Day my friend. We don’t really need a valentine because we are there for each other to celebrate this day with great zeal.”

Valentine Love Messages for Friends

1). My only wish on this Valentine’s Day is that you are showered with lots of love and affection in your life… May your life is blessed with more and more love and beautiful relationship infused with romance…. Wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day my friend!!!

2). You are my dearest and sweetest friend who has stood by me through the worst of the times and have supported me to face the toughest of the challenges…. Thanks for being there… With lots of love and warm hugs, wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day.

3). From being strangers to friends, we have come a long way… we have had a beautiful journey witnessing ups and downs…. I thank God for gifting me a friend like you…. Happy Valentine’s Day my buddy…. I will always be there for you, supporting you and cheering for you.

4). We have stayed together through the best and the worst…. We have held hands through challenges and success…. You are truly a treasure to me my dearest friend… I wish you Happy Valentine’s Day and promise to be there for you every day and every night.

5). We are not just friends… we are best friends for life…. who know each other the best, who understand each other like no one else…. Cheers to our friendship and the love we share… With warm hugs and lots of love, wishing you a very Happy Valentine’s Day.

6). Though this day is meant for wishing your lovers but to me a friend comes before than a beloved. Sending warm wishes on Valentine’s Day. Thanks for being my friend.

7). Wishing my best friend a happy Valentine’s Day. I express my fondness for you though the gifts and hope you have a grand celebration of the day of love.

8). I wish my friend a happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you get all the love and happiness on this day from your partner and both enjoy beautiful moments.

9). Expressing my love and wishing my friend a happy Valentine’s Day. Let this day bring in good moments of celebration of the affection you have for your dearest partner.

10). Wishing my friend a happy Valentine’s Day. I send you the small token of love and hope you would treasure it well like I have kept your memento safely.

11). Dear friend, wishing you a happy valentine’s day. I love you a lot and have deep affection for you as you are my closest friend with whom I share every secret.

12). Lovers come and go but who stay with you through all the make ups and break ups are the friends. Cheers to our friendship on this Valentine’s Day my friend.

Funny Valentine Messages for Friends
“Love is in the air! So, don’t hold your breath! Take a deep breath. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Happy Valentine’s Day Messages for Best Friend
“Here’s to a Valentine’s Day filled with good wine, good food and especially good friends like you. Happy Valentine’s Day dear friend.”

Valentine Messages for Family
“Valentine’s Day is a wonderful time to spread love and happiness. It’s the best time for all family members to shower their love on each other and let each and every one knows how important they are to each other.”

Sweet Messages for a Special friend
“Let’s spend this Valentine’s Day together swapping chocolates and laughing over candy hearts like we used to. Happy Valentine’s Day dear friend.”

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