Thinking of you Messages

Thinking of you Messages

The messages for thinking of you are sent to the ones about whom one might be thinking about. The person is thought about during hardship or difficult times and is otherwise also thought of in a usual way. The messages can be sent through text messages, or through social networking sites. Let us see some of the examples of cute and lovely thinking of you messages sent to different people:

Thinking Of You Messages for Him

One might think of a person in a romantic way when she has feelings for him. This thinking may be of an earlier meeting or may also be an expected meeting with him.

“Every morning as I woke up, I always think of you and the beautiful dinner we shared the last time we met.”

Thinking Of You Messages for Friend

One can think of a friend relating to an earlier acquaintance or any occurrence with the friend. Friends always think of one another out of concern or as a way of remembrance.

“Every time I think of you, the thought bring back fond memories of us hanging out earlier when we used to be staying on the same road.”

Thinking Of You Messages for Boyfriend

A girlfriend often thinks about her boyfriend in a romantic way of the times spent with him or the expected meetings about what they would do when they meet next.

”Every time before sleep and the moment I wake up I think of you and the precious nice moments we have shared always. ”

Thinking Of You Messages for a Sick Friend

One thinks about a sick friend concerned about his or her health and also thinks about the ways of recovering the sick friend at the earliest.

”I was thinking of you and about your health relating to ways how could you be recovered at the earliest and be back with me.”

Thinking of you Messages for Co-workers

Let your co-worker know that you are thinking of him or her by sending thinking of you wishes and quotes. The wishes can be sent through text messages and would make the co-worker feel special and cared for. One can also send good gifts for the co-worker to let know about thoughts for him or her. Thinking of you messages would touch the heart of the co-worker and make him know that he is in someone’s thoughts.

“For dear co-worker, I have been thinking about you from yesterday and how much you have helped me in my project. I am much thankful for the support.”

Thinking Of You Messages for Her

A person when romantically thinks about a girl, he thinks about the cute and beautiful moments shared with her, her smile and all the characteristics about the girl he loves.

”Every morning I catch myself, thinking how much I love you, and also how much I love spending time with you. ”

Thinking Of You Messages after Surgery

A surgery is a major recovery step for a friend suffering from any illness. As such, the parents, family and friends often think about his or her recovery and bringing him back to the normal life.

”I think of your speedy recovery whenever your name flashes across my mind. I wish you a supersonic recovery. ”

Thinking Of You Messages after Death

Death takes a person far away into another world never to see that person again in life. In such a situation, the person remains alive in thoughts of the loved ones who recall every moment shared with the person. The loved ones can only share sympathy and recall those sweet lovely moments.

”I recall every moment shared with my grandpa and remember how much I loved listening stories from him and being guided by him. I am missing him a lot now. ”

Thinking Of You Messages for Terminally ill

Terminally ill is a big loss for a person who has to be bed ridden and also death no matter what treatment he or she gets. As such, thoughts of that person come to every loved one’s mind regarding his or her recovery if possible.

”I think of you and think hard of every possible way of recovering him from the terminal illness and bringing him back to normalcy.”

Thinking of You Messages for Serious illness

Serious illness takes a long time to recover. As such, the loved ones, family and friends think about how the person can get well soon and return to normal life.

”I pray to God to give you fast recovery from the serious illness and think of you as a great fighter to be able to go through this pain and suffering. ”

Thinking Of You Messages to Husband

A wife thinks about her husband as such as the husband thinks about the care and concern of his wife.

”On our anniversary, I think of you and the special romantic moments we have shared all these years together.”

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