Thank You Messages for Wedding Booklets

Thank You Messages for Wedding Booklets

Wedding booklets contain the information detailing the wedding rituals and ceremony details as well as about the couple who are going to get married. The thank you wishes are sent to the families of the couple for the wedding booklets given with the wedding invitation.

Following are attractive samples of thank you messages for the wedding booklets distributed during the ceremony:

1). Dear friend, thank you for the wedding booklet listing all the rituals and events. It is indeed a well arranged idea of having all the listings in one place.

2). Thank you cousin for the wedding booklet you gave for the ceremony. I can now have a good idea of the rituals conducted and their dates to arrive at the venue.

3). Thanking my sister for the wedding booklet. It surely depicts a lovely relationship story of the bride and the groom and I am indeed happy to have a copy with me.

4). Thanks to the bride and groom for giving the wedding booklet with the invitation. Your love story is much inspiring and beautiful and I send gifts just for you.

5). I thank the family to present me the wedding booklet listing all the good rituals of the ceremony. I would surely be there for all of them to bless the bride and groom.

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